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Reviews:  DC Universe Online Legends #1, Devil's Trail #1, Transformers Infestation #1, Uncle Scrooge #400

Ted Carruba, me2Jimmy is down in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida for the week. So, he recruits his old highschool/college best pal Ted Carruba to sit in the rotating co-host chair. The boys discuss the Super Bowl, ads, comic film trailers, and reveal some of the antics they used to get up to in their younger days. In honor of the upcoming Toy Fair, Ted discusses his big toy collection and walks us through the old Mego toys he collected and still owns. Also, while shopping at the local Hot Topic, Jimmy gets recognized! News includes: San Diego Comic-Con sells out in 7 hours, Chew goes Scratch n' Sniff, Stan Lee & Eagle award nominations, Beavis & Butt-Head return, Smallville gets 2 hour finale, Cobie Smulders in Avengers film, Wednesday Comics returns, and Portland Opera and cartoonists.

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