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Hosted by Jimmy Aquino.

Sep 15, 2023

Jimmy went to SPX over the weekend in Bethesda, MD. He got 14 interviews which you'll be able to hear over the next few weeks. A truly great showcase of small press and independent creators. You get 2 interviews in this episode! First up is Nicole Goux. Jimmy and Nicole talk bout her graphic novel PET PEEVES, the aimlessness of youth and why the book is considered horror (no spoilers though). They also talk about her work on SHADOW OF THE BATGIRL, FUCK OFF SQUAD and her ukelele/singing hobby. Jimmy also chatted with Gabrielle Ng. They discuss her adorable webcomic EGGMAN COMICS, why she started doing it, the evolution of it, how funny and charming it is and more. Jimmy also asks about her life playing bass in a band! Come back for interviews from Colleen Madden, Reinhard Kleist, Monica Gallagher, M.S. Harkness, Mylo Choy, Ana Penyas, and Miss Lasko-Gross.

Stay tuned for more SPX interviews coming! Also, get a hold of us!

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