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Hosted by Jimmy Aquino.

Dec 1, 2010


Comics: Bedtime Stories For Impressionable Children #1, Kull: The Hate Witch #1, Richard Stark's Parker: The Outfit, Vampirella Vol 4. #1

Cartoons: Young Justice, GI Joe: Renegades, Transformers Prime

It's Part 2 of our Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer on Smallville) interview! We chat about the show, her music, TV shows & films she's into and much more! The boys discuss their Thanksgiving and mourn the loss of a couple of film greats. News includes: Mark Millar starts Kapow! Comic Con, Spider-Man musical opens in previews, Julia Wertz has a Fart Party sale, James Gunn's Super gets a release date, Shark Week comics, Marvel en Espanol and more!