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Hosted by Jimmy Aquino.

Mar 21, 2009

We've talked about it for over a year and it's finally here. It's our special VERSUS! show. A round table discussion where we take a comic book and explore the other mediums that the story is represented in. In this very first episode, it's Death Note vs. Death Note vs. Death Note. We cover it all from the original hit manga to the animated series to the live action films. Joe moderates the round table consisting of Jimmy, in studio guests Mike Cho and Carrie Tucker (I Love Geeks author), and Richard McAuliffe (calling in from Wales). Join us as we break down each medium in 15 minute increments and end with a compare/contrast of each. Which did we like best? And what would we do if we had our very own Death Note? Tune in to find out! VERSUS! is a new monthly show that we will be doing in addition to the regular weekly episodes of Comic News Insider. As with our special One-Shot! episodes, these will be numbered and part of the offical CNI canon.