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Hosted by Jimmy Aquino.

Nov 20, 2019

For anniversary episodes, normally there is a live recording at a bar with special guests, songs, comedy bits and more. This time for the epic 1000th episode, and due to busy schedules and time of year, Jimmy and Producer Joe decided to just go back to their roots and record the podcast together. While not in the same physical place to record, they did it over the internet and just did what they love to do. Chat nerdy things! They discuss the beginnings of the podcast, how the industry has changed since they started back in 2005, fave picks over the years and more. Tune in to hear them wax nostalgic and raise a glass to their 1000th episode! Leave your iTunes comments. 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!

Thanks for listening!

A Note From Jimmy:

Our first episode went up in April 2005 and we've been going strong ever since. I travel to conventions all over and have made friends for life. I get to interview people that I admire (and am a fan of their work) and sometimes we even become friends! I've interviewed more than your fair share of celebrities which is super fun and exciting. And teen Jimmy would never believe I'd meet and interview the likes of George Takei, D.M.C. and Stan Lee to name a few. However, I prefer chatting with cartoonists about their work most of the time. I've read tens of thousands of pages of comics, seen thousands of hours of TV/film. A lot of it I may not have checked out if it wasn't for doing the podcast.

Since leaving my acting career in 2000, I hadn't really done much artistically. A brief flirtation with doing sketch comedy in 2005 for about a year. But the podcast has been my artistic output for years now. Sure we often just talk about comics, TV and film...but I also write/sing silly songs and do comedy sketches on it as well. 

Because of the podcast, I was able to call myself a comic book writer! Albeit only a few stories in an anthology (Fat Chunk Volume 2: Zombies! from SLG Publishing) from years back but still pretty cool. And I've appeared in quite a few of your favorite comic books as well thanks to friends whom have written/drawn me in. Thanks to you all! 

Comic News Insider changed my life for the better. The friends and connections I've made over the years are so memorable. I count people from all over the world as close pals and that's because of CNI.

I sincerely hope we've brought people some joy with the podcast. Whether it's listening to an interview of a favorite or liking our reviews or news. I've only wanted to entertain and spread the gospel of comic books to the world! I'm not sure how many more years this will go on, but I hope you keep listening until then.

Nerdily yours,