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Hosted by Jimmy Aquino.

Jun 21, 2009

It's another One-Shot! and this time we're promoting the new anthology from Slave Labor Graphics called Fat Chunk Volume 2: Zombies. Editor Jamie Smart (Ubu Bubu, Bear) joins us to discuss organizing over 60 cartoonists for this 144 page anthology celebrating the living impaired. (Get it? Living impaired? Mwhahaha.) He also talks about his 4 page strip in the book and other works coming from his warped and brilliant mind. We also talk to a few of the other creators involved in the book including Laura Howell (Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan, Robin Hoodie), Alan Kerr (Kreepy Kat), and Patt Kelley (Parasitic Twin). CNI's own Jimmy Aquino wrote 2 separate 3 page stories for the book as well with art chores done by Jenny Romanchuk (The Zombie Hunters) and Shane Heron (Awesome Marcus Ninja).