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Hosted by Jimmy Aquino.

Dec 23, 2009

Reviews: Champion One Shot, Complete Alice In Wonderland #1, Forgetless #1, Incorruptible #1, What If Daredevil vs Elektra

It's Christmas time at the CNI Studios. No guest tonight, except maybe Santa. The boys exchange gifts and drink spirits in honor of the Christmas spirit! Jimmy saw Avatar, but Joe didn't. He gives some quick spoiler-free thoughts on it all. News includes Molly Crabapple is one of 50 people remaking New York City according to The New York Observer, Bryan Singer returns to the X-Men franchise and PSP comics are here with the very first audio commentary on Ben Templesmith's Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse. A little Xmas song from CNI is performed for your pleasure/annoyance as well.