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Hosted by Jimmy Aquino.

Mar 29, 2006

Comic Conversion! Jimmy introduces comics to a female non-comic reader...and she likes it! Guest Ashley joins us at the studio to chat about her thoughts on Y the Last Man, Ultimate Spiderman and Painkiller Jane. We also discuss Wonder Woman rumors and that oh so funny Return of Chef South Park episode.

Mar 22, 2006

Hey Kids! Check out Episode 27, our all ages podcast discussing age appropriate comics for kids. Chris Eliopoulos joins us and discusses Franklin Richards. Eight year old podcaster Sam from the SG Show shares his review of Franklin Richards and answers some questions. Fun for the whole family!

Mar 20, 2006

Is the Hulk Irish? V for Vendetta, Batman Year 100 pt2, why is Jimmy begging Kevin Smith for an interview, and more!

Mar 8, 2006

Well, we made it to 25! Today we discuss The Ultimates (2 words, finger nails) Ultimate Avengers DVD, the Oscars and more!

Mar 1, 2006

Part 2 of the New York Comic Con! Joe and Jimmy share some interviews with John Cassaday, Paul Pope and other guests from our party on Friday. Also, Bryan and Peter from Comic Geek Speak discuss their thoughts on the con.