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Hosted by Jimmy Aquino.

Oct 26, 2011

Reviews: Deadpool MAX 2 #1, Dead Rising Road To Fortune #1, Monocyte #1, My Greatest Adventure Vol 2 #1,  Orchid #1, Star Trek Legion Of Super-Heroes #1, Shade Vol 2 #1, 30 Days of Night #1,  X-Men Regenesis #1. Batman: Year One DVD

Strap in! It's another super-sized episode! Sorry for the length but we have over an...

Oct 22, 2011

It's another interview special featuring the cast of Nikita! Jimmy sat down at the round tables at New York Comic Con and chatted with Nikita cast members Maggie Q., Shane West and producer Albert Kim.  Apologies for rough cell phone interference during some of it. As always, Listener Feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave...

Oct 20, 2011

It's an interview special featuring the casts of the MTV shows Death Valley and Good Vibes!  Jimmy sat down at the round tables at New York Comic Con and chatted with the Death Valley cast including Texas Battle, Tania Raymonde, Charlie Sanders and producer Spider One.  He also sat with the new animated show Good Vibes...

Oct 19, 2011

Jimmy flies solo this week because it's the big New York Comic Con recap! His voice is shot from shouting during the raffle all weekend and sleeping about 8 hours total in 4 days. He got tons of interviews at the show and in this episode you'll hear from James Asmus (X-Men: Regenesis), Marc Bernardin (Alphas), Nicki...

Oct 12, 2011

Reviews: Avengers 1959 #1, Blood Red Dragon #0, Chopper #1, Huntress Vol 3 #1, Last Of The Greats #1, Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #1, Frank Miller's Holy Terror

Jimmy is joined by yet another Aussie sitting in the guest co-host chair, Jen Timms. She works in the gaming industry and is in town for New York Comic Con...