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Comic News Insider

Your podcast for everything comic book, animation, sci-fi and pop culture!  

New episodes every Wednesday. Visit our official website.

Hosted by Jimmy Aquino.


Comic News Insider is one of the longest running podcasts in the comic book industry.  Your podcast for everything comic book, animation, sci-fi and pop culture! With News, reviews and interviews that entertain and excite!

How it all began

Joe Gonzalez approached long time friend, former roommate and comic cohort Jimmy Aquino back in March 2005 about doing a podcast dealing with the comic book medium. Unfortunately, Jimmy had to decline due to his sketch comedy writing/performing but promised to participate once things began. Joe then approached co-worker/fellow comic nerd Julio Soto to co-host. Comic News Insider was born with Episode 1 on April 13, 2005. Within a few episodes, Jimmy started appearing as a "roving reporter". By the end of 2005 and with 20 episodes in the can, Julio had to step down. Joe again approached Jimmy to co-host. They sat down and mapped out a plan. A weekly formatted show covering the news of the industry with reviews and interviews from all sorts of luminaries from the comic book and entertainment field. Since 2006, they have not missed a week and have delivered on that mandate. CNI, the "Entertainment Weekly" of comic podcasts, continues to bring the fun and the funny! (Hey, it's better than being the "US Weekly" of comic podcasts.) Join Joe and Jimmy every Wednesday to laugh, learn and maybe even love!