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Comic News Insider

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Hosted by Jimmy Aquino.

Feb 20, 2024

Reviews: If You Find This I'm Already Dead #1, Sweetie Candy Vigilante Vol 2 #1, Resident Alien s3 premiere, Lisa Frankenstein, Madame Web

Another weekly CNI for your listening pleasure! Jimmy recruits 2 of his fave reviewers Melissa and Marta to help out once again. Always fantastic and insightful. Emily is back w/...

Feb 13, 2024

Reviews: Godzilla Valentine's Day Special #1, Star Wars: Mace Windu #1, Thundercats Vol 3 #1, Halo season 2

A quickie episode for you! Thanks to reviewers Melissa, Marta and Jon! Always so insightful and informative in their reviews. Jimmy gives Emily the week off and tries the news himself which includes: Garth Ennis...

Feb 7, 2024

Reviews: Dead X-Men #1, Jill and the Killers #1, Lilo & Stitch #1, Orion and the Dark

The regular format show streak continues! Thanks to reviewers Lisa, Melissa, Marta and Steph! Always so insightful and informative in their reviews. And thanks to Emily for the news which includes: a new live-action SUPERGIRL is...

Jan 30, 2024


Comic News Insider: Episode 1481 is now available for free download! Click on the link or follow on Spotify/subscribe on iTunes!

Reviews: Action Comics #1061, Animal Pound #1, Ghost Machine #1, Star Wars Thrawn: Alliances #1

Jimmy is still slightly under the weather but perseveres to bring you the weekly nerdy CNI...

Jan 23, 2024

Reviews: Cobra Commander #1, John Constantine Hellblazer: Dead In America #1, Ultimate Spider-Man #1, Hazbin Hotel

Back to the regular format show with reviews, news and recommendations! Thanks to reviewers Jon, Melissa and Marta who always give such insightful and smart thoughts. News anchor Emily returns with the...