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Comic News Insider

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Hosted by Jimmy Aquino.

Apr 29, 2009

Reviews: Viking #1, American McGee's Grimm #1, Warlord of Io and Other Stories One-Shot

The Beat's own Heidi MacDonald joins us in studio along with up and coming writer Ben McCool for a lengthy and Twitteriffic show! After a tasty BBQ and many drinks, the gang sallies forth to record a show. Uh-oh. 4 chatty folks on...

Apr 22, 2009

Reviews: Beta Ray Bill: The Green of Eden One-Shot, Overlook #1, The Phantom: Generations #1

No interview due to your demand of only Jimmy and Joe talk! Or due to the fact we didn't get anyone. A little Heroes talk and Jimmy talks of his Kristin Chenoweth meet up. News includes DC/Archie superheroes, Marvel/Taco Bell...

Apr 15, 2009

Reviews: The Warlord #1, Ignition City #1, Exiles Vol. 4 #1

Up and coming artist Nikki Cook joins us in studio for a super extra long episode to discuss her fill in issue on DMZ, porn comics, Tori Amos, Act-i-vate webcomics collective, and new stuff coming down the tubes. News includes Paul Pope's Battling Boy,...

Apr 8, 2009

Reviews: Flash: Rebirth #1, The Destroyer #1, Irredeemable #1

We take a break from interviews this week and just bring you the Double J goodness that you love. Well, we think you love it. Hear how one of Jimmy's crushes visits a psychic...and how she is warned! And Joe discovers a new way to video...UH-OH! News...

Apr 4, 2009

Live from New's Comic News Insider Live! Well, not really. It's still recorded. But, joining us for a special show is Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers! Not only is he the head writer and anchor for Weekend Update on SNL, but he's also a self-professed comic book nerd. Hear stories of his comic book loves, he...