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Hosted by Jimmy Aquino.

Aug 4, 2021

Jimmy welcomes back old pal Grace Helbig! She's currently starring as the voice of "Cindy Bear" in HBO Max's JELLYSTONE! A funny, nostalgic, and silly new take on Yogi Bear and his pals. The friends have a great catch up on what they've been doing over the past year or so. Grace talks about how she got involved in JELLYSTONE! and the challenges of doing voice over during the pandemic. They also talk about Grace's 2 podcasts (NOT TOO DEEP and THIS MIGHT GET WEIRD), her upcoming tour with her friend Mamrie Hart, favorite guests she's interviewed, the evolution of YouTube "influencers", G4TV, drinks at Rudy's and more! Such a delightful and funny conversation. Also, get a hold of us!

Thanks for listening!