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Hosted by Jimmy Aquino.

Jul 14, 2010

Reviews: Batman Odyssey #1, Casanova #1, The Last Zombie #1, Scarlet #1, Star Wars Old Republic #1, Thor: The Mighty Avenger #1, X-Men Vol 3 #1

The boys are gutted as the recording program used to record the show decided to eat the entire episode we recorded with special guests, Tricia Brouk and Vicki Van Tassel from the show Erotic Broadway: Vintage Variety. Jimmy saw the show recently and loved it so had them come on to review comics, read news and talk about the show. Unfortunately, tech issues happened and erased the episode. We did get a little ditty out of them involving Batman that was recorded separately. Drinks may have been involved. Please go see it if you're in NYC! The boy talk about the Emmy nominations (congrats to friend of show, Michael Emerson of Lost!). News includes: Sadness over the death of Harvey Pekar, Death in Action Comics, The Pro gets animated, SDCC programming is out, crazy idiot to protest SDCC, Darth Vader banned, Cornell brings Knight & Squire, Busiek and Ross together again for Kirby and much more.