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Episode 20 - Ward Sutton Time for some political discussions! Well, political cartoons that is. Artist Ward Sutton discusses his work and the power of the political cartoon. Take a listen.
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Episode 19 - Jim Lee It's Jim Lee! Our last interview from the SD Comic Con. A short but interesting interview as Jim shares some thoughts with Joe and Jimmy. Enjoy!
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Episode 18 - John Cassaday It's John Cassaday! One of our last interviews from San Diego Comic Con. John chats with us about his art style, what he's been doing and what's coming up next. Joe is joined by roving reporter Jimmy for this fun filled interview. Download, listen, laugh and then download another episode. :)
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Episode 17 - Kyle Baker Hey listeners, it's our interview with Kyle Baker! Kyle sat down with us at a NY diner and chatted about his past work, current projects and the industry. Good stuff!
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It's the HUGE podcast crossover show! Comic Geek Speak joins CNI for this special limited edition crossover annual. OK, maybe not limited. Laugh loudly as we discuss a slew of favorite super hero cartoons.
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OK, we've been slacking...but how about an interview with Darwyn Cooke to cheer you up! Darwyn discusses Solo, New Frontier, Batman the Animated Series and a great new upcoming project!
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Jimmy joins Joe and Julio at the studio for ep.14. We discuss Ultimates #7 and a new title, Living in Infamy from Ben Raab. News about Iron Man, Punisher 2 and Hulk 2. Also an interview with Ben Raab and the team behind Living in Infamy.
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Our San Diego Comic Con wrap up with our roving reporter, Jimmy. Chatting about the booths, Superman, Kevin Smith, Serenity, great costumes and an interview with Dean Haspiel, artist on Harvey Pekars, The Quitter. Plus a cool show open!
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A third host joins in on the fun for episode 12. Reviews of Omac #3, Planetary and Nat Turner. Movie News: X3, Captain America, Flash & more. Three times the fun!
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Discussing: Hellboy: The Island, The Hunger and Neverwhere. Movie Talk: Batman 2 news, Spiderman 3, Zoom gets sued. Not to mention generally humorous banter.
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