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Episode 205 - Heroes Con Recap with Leanne Hannah, Mike Maihack & Adam Withers/Comfort Love The Heroes Con recap includes interviews with Leanne Hannah, Mike Maihack, and Adam Withers/Comfort Love. Hear about the strip club debauchery, a happy Iron Giant-ed nephew, dubs, hotness, podcast panel and more. News includes a touching story about a dying girl's last wish to see Up, the launch of Rantz Hosely's Longbox project, TCAF and a new JLA creative team.
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Episode 204 - CNI One Shot!: Fat Chunk Volume 2 It's another One-Shot! and this time we're promoting the new anthology from Slave Labor Graphics called Fat Chunk Volume 2: Zombies. Editor Jamie Smart (Ubu Bubu, Bear) joins us to discuss organizing over 60 cartoonists for this 144 page anthology celebrating the living impaired. (Get it? Living impaired? Mwhahaha.) He also talks about his 4 page strip in the book and other works coming from his warped and brilliant mind. We also talk to a few of the other creators involved in the book including Laura Howell (Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan, Robin Hoodie), Alan Kerr (Kreepy Kat), and Patt Kelley (Parasitic Twin). CNI's own Jimmy Aquino wrote 2 separate 3 page stories for the book as well with art chores done by Jenny Romanchuk (The Zombie Hunters) and Shane Heron (Awesome Marcus Ninja).
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Episode 203 - Heroes Con Bound with Dustin Harbin

Reviews: Red Robin #1, The Veil #1, Absolution #0

It's our pre-Heroes Con show! Dustin Harbin, Creative Director of the show, joins us to discuss all of the fun and madness that awaits in Charlotte, NC at Heroes Con. Jimmy gets a short haircut for the first time in over 20 years and Joe tries to talk him off the roof. News includes the return of Captain America (Duh!), DC's Wednesday Comics in USA Today, Superman's new origin, Tim Burton at MOMA, Primeval cancelled, no Heroes at SDCC and more!
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Episode 202 - MoCCA Recap

Reviews: Batman and Robin #1, Rotten #1, Chew #1

MoCCA just happened and we were there to see it in all of it's steamy hot goodness! Hear our recap of the show and the suggestions to make it even better for next year. Since they used to be involved in theater, the boys also talk about The Tony Awards including the horrendous sound issues and Bret Michael's accident. Jimmy has made the hair appointment for Wednesday night to finally have it short after 20 years. If you only hear Joe in next week's episode, it's because Jimmy is crying in the shower until it grows back. News includes Mavel's Strange Tales Max series, the demise of Nickelodeon Magazine, Fall Out Boy comics, Ancient Joker, BSG science panel, jobs in comics and much more!
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Episode 201 - The Aftermath

Reviews: Aliens #1, Muppet Robin Hood #1

It's the aftermath of 200 and we take the time to thank all of our friends and supporters. We discuss the Planetary exclusive that Cassaday dropped on us in episode 200, how Google is Big Brother and possibly the big short haircut for Jimmy. News includes Marvel price increase, Captain America #600 shenanigans, Geoff Johns: Comic shop owner and E3 highlights. Here's to 200 more!
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