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Episode 154 - Mouse Fiction

Reviews: The Victorian Horrors of Old Mauch Chunk, Marlow #1, Doctor Who: The Forgotten #1 

Joe's back from his weekend getaway with SpongeBob and shares some of his adventures. Jimmy  has finally finished GTA IV and rejoins society. News includes Warner Bros. new direction for DC characters, Veronica Mars flick?, Animated bones, Preacher series killed, and Disney might lose the Mouse! We discover and share some trailers using Mickey if he indeed becomes public domain. We also discuss the Robert Kirkman mission statement released over a week ago about the state of the comic industry.
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Episode 153 - Dear Dark Knight

Reviews: Golly! #1,  Galaxy Quest: Global Warning! #1, Welcome to Hoxford #1

No more SDCC interviews left, so the guys take it easy this week. Still, lots of news including Fox trying to eff up Watchmen, Stan's Soap Box, Vote for Snoopy, Harry Potter, Sleeper movie and more! Also, a new random segment makes its debut called "Dear Dark Knight". Kids write or call in with problems and The Dark Knight gives his sage-like advice!

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Episode 152 - Tony Lee

Reviews: Bond Of Saint Marcel #1, Crossed #0, Titanium Rain #1 

We tip our 40's for Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, Jimmy gets lost in the world of Grand Theft Auto IV, they both ponder the significance of goat testes in court, Jun Bob sketches rock and go buy Chumble Spuzz 2 and get creator Ethan Nicolle on your show/blog/etc! News includes Batman, Watchmen, Heroes casting, anime/manga eyes and more! The ever-loving Tony Lee joins Jimmy in San Diego for a nice chat about all of his current and upcoming work!

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Episode 151 - More SDCC 08: Kevin Conn, Jay & Cliff (Lost Podcast), Colleen (Metrobuzz)

Reviews: Pilot Season: Core #1, Fantastic Four: True Story #1, Skrulls vs. Power Pack #1

First, if you haven't heard our Pushing Daisies special One-Shot episode, then go! CNI Dogs at SDCC, live tweets during the show with news including Cowboy Bebop, 24 Hour Comics Day, Supergirl fashion, Scotty's ashes, and more! More San Diego Comic-Con recap with Kevin Conn who tells us of his experiences as SpikeTV correspondent. Jay (The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack), Colleen (Metrobuzz) and Cliff (The lost Podcast with Jay & Jack) chime in for a recap of the Lost Panel and their own con adventures. Special phone calls from Alan Moore and Unemployed Skeletor!

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CNI One Shot - Pushing Daisies:  Bryan Fuller, Kristin Chenoweth, Ellen Greene, Swoosie Kurtz & Field Cate The Podcaster traveled to the City of Angels to visit the set of Pushing Daisies while co-host Joe stayed home to watch the kids. Afterwards, The Podcaster trekked down to the fabled San Diego Comic-Con. Hear the many tales of fancy with creator/producer Bryan Fuller and cast members Kristin Chenoweth, Ellen Greene, Swoosie Kurtz and Field Cate. The Podcaster will never be the same.
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