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Reviews of Digital Webbing Presents...comics.  Our official review of X-Men 3: The Last Stand.  Tons of news!  Clerks at Cannes, Ghostbusters 3, new Batgirl comic, yet one more version of Blade Runner and so much more.
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Reviews of All Star Batman & Robin, Batman Year 100 Part 4.  News: Superman, Xmen, Joss Whedon & George Lucas provides wine?  Special guests Derrick & Philip come in to the studio to discuss their love of Anime and Manga.

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Episode 36 - Unemployed Skeletor Special guest, Unemployed Skeletor comes by the studio to share with us some "special" information and tidbits.  Joe & Jimmy review DC's 52.  Lot's of news including an inside scoop on the upcomming Astonishing X-Men!  Don't miss it!
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Episode 35

This week we review, Civil War & Infinite Crisis.  News on Star Trek movie, Iron Man & the great $10,000 ebay scam!  We have a special interview with SciFi Channel contestant Artemis, who is in the running for the upcoming program, "Who Wants to be a Superhero?".  Listen to the interview and vote for her!

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Reviews of Astonishing Xmen, New Avengers Annual & Villains United.  Discussions of Wizard Magazine summer recap, Iron Man Movie, Hulk 2, new Battlestar Galactica series and more!  Also, Jimmy had his first pony ride (although he claims it was a horse).
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