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Episode 116 Reviews
Angel: After the Fall #1, Midknight #1, Scream #1

Banter, reviews, news, feedback, special messages, Top 3 and learn what a nerd hickey is!

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Episode 115 Reviews
Captain Marvel #1, Badger Bull #1, World of Warcraft #1

Because you demanded it...more banter!

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Episode 114 - Mike Norton Reviews
Fearless #1, Venus #1, Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Peformers #1

Joe's birthday special! Super-sized for his pleasure. Because you demanded it, more Joe and Jimmy banter!  Plus,  after months of trying, we finally got him. Ladies and Gentleman, CNI presents...Mike Norton. And a surprise guest as well! And a naked man!

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Episode 113 Reviews
Kyle Baker's Special Forces #1, Justice Society of America #10, X-Men: Messiah Complex #1.

The strike is on! And we got nothing. Just reviews, news, feedback and more!

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