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Episode 142

Reviews: Zombies! Hunters #1, Dead, She Said #1, Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow #1

We were supposed to do research and come up with a special segment about Diamond Comic Distributor in a special podcast crossover of gigantic proportions! Instead, we talk about what little we know about Diamond and share a special children's story. The other podcasters did a much better job. More info over at Comic Related. Jimmy appears again in the next page of Chapter 5 of Jenny Romanchuk's webcomic, The Zombie Hunters.

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Episode 141 - John McCrea

Reviews: GeNext #1, Captain Britain and MI13 #1, Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs #1

Joe's illin' and Jimmy's got the Bristol blues. News includes the $600K Green Lantern, Flash Gordon and Highlander movie remakes, Doctor Who and more. Also, Jimmy makes his debut as a zombie in the best web comic ever, The Zombie Hunters by Jenny Romanchuk. (Chapter 5, page 130). We play the last of our Bristol Comic Expo interview with John McCrea. It's full of debauchery and hilarity! Earmuffs, kids!

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CNI One Shot - Self Made Hero

What started out as a solo interview with Emma Vieceli (Manga Shakespeare Hamlet, Dragon Heir), soon turned into a selfless promo for the publishing group SelfMadeHero! That clever! Jimmy sat down with Emma Vieceli at the Bristol Comic Expo and was soon joined by Sonia Leong (Manga Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet), Emma Hayley (Publishing Director of Self Made Hero, 2008 UK Young Publishing Entrepreneur of the Year) and Robert Deas (Manga Shakespeare MacBeth). It was informative, funny, intriguing and ever so fun!

If you missed our Bristol Comic Expo recap, go back to Episode 140 now! We'll wait.

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Episode 140 - Bristol Comic Expo - Leah Moore, John Reppion & Paul Cornell No reviews this week since there's so much Bristol goodness to cover!Jimmy's knackered, but he's back! Joe explains his absence last week as well. It's Jimmy's first trip across the pond to the UK and Wales and he loved it! Mmmmm.....beans and toast!!! He gives his full recap and you're not gonna want to miss a bit. Interviews from Bristol include Paul Cornell joining in to discuss his writing on Doctor Who, Robin Hood and upcoming Captain Britain book for Marvel. Also, Leah Moore and John Reppion (Raise the Dead, Albion) hang out to talk zombies, writing process and more. Listener feedback, Top 3
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Episode 139 - Geek Syndicate

Reviews: DC Universe #0, Glamourpuss #1, I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space #1

Joe is suspiciously absent, so the boys of Geek Syndicate, David Monteith and Barry Nugent, take over join Jimmy as special co-hosts. We talk the upcoming Bristol Comic Expo that Jimmy is attending and the boys give some much needed advice for an American traveling to the UK for the first time. (Hint: Don't diss the Queen.) We chat about the big hit flick, Iron Man, but don't spoil much, if anything. News includes Smallville, Randy Queen's return to comics, the Image 7, Barry Allen and more! Great listener feedback and Top 3!

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