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In less than a week, another podcast! Reviews of: Lions, Tigers & Bears, Desolation Jones and Alpha Shade. More movie news: X3, Sin City 2, Howls Moving Castle.
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Hey comic fans! Check out our interview with artist Tim Sale! (Batman: Long Halloween, Superman for All Seasons, Spiderman Blue, Daredevil Yellow, Hulk Gray, Catwoman When in Rome). Don't miss it!
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Hey! Check out ep.3. Comic reviews of: Villains United, Shadowhawk & Beowulf. Discussions on: Doom Movie, Blade TV movie, Paramount & Marvel team up. And as always, Five Things to Check Out if you Haven't Already!
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Hey All, If you're checking out the podcasts we'd love to get some listener feedback on mp3. Send us an email with an mp3 attachment of your comments or inside info for us to share on the show. Email to
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