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Chock full of news!  Wonder Woman, Transformers, Watchmen, Spidey 3, Iron Man.... We review Astonishing X-Men, Ultimates & Eternals.  Your 30 minute fix of comic news, reviews and Joe & Jimmy witty-ness.
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Episode 42 - Michael Emerson!

Get ready Lost fans!  Our very special interview with actor Michael Emerson (aka Henry Gale) from Lost.  Our Q&A brings about interesting information that you'll want to hear.  Oh, we also review Civil War 2 and have some news to share. 

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Reviews of Wonder Woman #1 & Civil War: Frontline.  Follow up from MOCCA NY.  Plenty of comic, animation, film news.  We also have an interview with Punky Bruiser, one of the rollergirls from the A&E reality series, Rollergirls.  Rollergirls?  Comics?  What's the connection?  Tune in and find out!
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Episode 40 - Paul Malmont Bonus Episode!  Author Paul Malmont, discusses his new novel with us, The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril.  A great pulp style novel set in 1930's NY, with a cast of familiar characters.  Take a listen and pick up the book.

Also, we have another, Converting to Comicdon  episode where we have a non-comic reader review some comic titles.
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Lots of news to cover: Avi Arad quits, Spiderman 3 villains, Speed Racer movie?, AVP2 (say it isn't so), Watchmen movie?

We also have a chance to chat with actor, comedian, voice over artist Patton Oswalt.  Very funny stuff. 

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