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Discussing: Hellboy: The Island, The Hunger and Neverwhere. Movie Talk: Batman 2 news, Spiderman 3, Zoom gets sued. Not to mention generally humorous banter.
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It's our big episode number 10! 1 hour chock full of pod goodness. Reviews of: NYC Mech, Batman: Snow pt.1, Pop Culture Shock Therapy. Our movie review for Batman Begins and our recap of the 2005 MOCCA Art Fest.
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More follow up from Wizard World Philly. Discussions on JSA #73&74 and House of M. Bonus! A great interview with artist Chris Giarusso of Mini Marvels & G-Man!
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It's Michael Avon Oeming! Check out our interview with Mike Oeming as he discusses past work, his short film "Six" and his upcoming Thor: Blood Oath.
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Reviews of: The Return of Donna Troy & JLA Classified. Discussion: House of M. Movie News: Zoom, V for Vendetta. Also, Winicks' Juniper Lee.
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Special interview with Lawrence Klein, the chairman for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MOCCA) in NY. Hear about MOCCA and their upcoming events!
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