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Episode 237 - The End of CNI! with Lost's Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) & True Blood's Arlene Fowler (Carrie Preston)

Reviews: Chimichanga #1, Hellboy Bride Of Hell One Shot, Last Days Of American Crime #1, Sherlock Ninja Curious Case Of The Iron Monkey #1, Unknowns #1

It's the final show of 2009 and the boys go out with a bang! They discuss their Christmas goodies, Doctor Who and send Julia Wertz (The Fart Party) birthday wishes. News includes Indy Comic Book Week, Stan Lee's birthday, Captain America movie, Geoff Johns tweets Green Lantern and the Pope blesses Homer Simpson. Kevin Conn (Lava Roid) calls us to give his thoughts on Indy Comic Book Week as well. Also, a couple of moments of magic happen with some TV characters. We're not sure how it ends up as this was typed up before the show was recorded. Do let us know.
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Episode 236 - A Comic News Insider Christmas

Reviews: Champion One Shot, Complete Alice In Wonderland #1, Forgetless #1, Incorruptible #1, What If Daredevil vs Elektra

It's Christmas time at the CNI Studios. No guest tonight, except maybe Santa. The boys exchange gifts and drink spirits in honor of the Christmas spirit! Jimmy saw Avatar, but Joe didn't. He gives some quick spoiler-free thoughts on it all. News includes Molly Crabapple is one of 50 people remaking New York City according to The New York Observer, Bryan Singer returns to the X-Men franchise and PSP comics are here with the very first audio commentary on Ben Templesmith's Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse. A little Xmas song from CNI is performed for your pleasure/annoyance as well.
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Episode 235 - John Cassaday takes over Dollhouse

Reviews: Anywhere #1, Daytripper #1, God Complex #1, Murderer Pilot Season #1, Wolverine Under The Boardwalk One Shot

John Cassaday Someone else or nobody joins us via Skype to discuss the upcoming episode of Dollhouse that he directed. The guys chat about Jimmy's recent birthday bash and the $600 bottle of wine they all enjoyed. Big congrats to friend of the show (and real friend!) Michael Emerson for his Golden Globe nomination. News includes Marvel's Girl Comics, united Filipino artists, Spawn reprints, Bruce Wayne returns (duh), 300 sequel, Natalie Portman producing/starring in film adaptation of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and more!
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Episode 234 - Birthday Madness!

Reviews: Empowered One-Shot, JSA All-Stars Vol. 2 #1, Iron Man vs. Whiplash #1, Dingo #1

No guest since Jimmy's ego demands you only focus on his birthday tomorrow (December 9th) as he explains why in song (haters can suck it). Joe is still digging on Flash Forward and Jimmy saw 2012. News includes DC's new Earth One line, Lady Gaga comics, Orlando Star Wars celebration, new BBC America show Demons, and more.
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Episode 233 - Shakedown with Paul Pope!

Reviews: Image United #1, The Tick: New Series #1, Powers #1

Paul Pope joins us at the last minute to discuss his Shakedown project as well as Battling Boy (both the movie and graphic novel). Then, the boys talk Turkey day and kids superhero costumes. News includes Global Frequency TV show (again), return of Torchwood, Grant Morrison documentary, Smallville, and CBLDF jobs!
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Episode 232 - David Petersen (Mouse Guard)

Reviews: Doctor Horrible One-Shot, Victorian Undead #1, Black Knight Vol. 3 #1, Nola #1, Drone #1

The boys experiment doing the show via Skype because Jimmy is too lazy to leave his apartment since he's drooling over that Hayden Panettiere video and laughing hysterically at the Muppet/Bohemian Rhapsody one. David Petersen joins Joe via Skype to discuss his fantastic series, Mouse Guard. We remember Eric Martin (aka "The Question" on The Comic Forums), a big supporter of the podcast community/fellow podcaster/all around nice guy, who tragically passed last week. News includes animated Spectre, Marvel takes S.H.I.E.L.D. through history, Bjork likes Moomins, Flash Forward slows down, more U.S. Doctor Who air dates and more!

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Episode 231 - Drinks with John McCrea, Garth Ennis & Friends

Reviews: Batman/Doc Savage Special #1, Ghoul #1, Tracker #1, Supergod #1, Tank Girl: Skidmarks #1

Jimmy went out last week with John McCrea on his last night in town. Garth Ennis, Heidi MacDonald, Ben McCool, Keith Burns and Lee Bradley all joined in on a beer fueled/fun filled/late night interview. It's informative, raucous, hilarious and fun! But...WHO is Darth Guinness?! News includes Lava-Roid now available, Dollhouse cancelled to no one's surprise, Zack Whedon does a Terminator comic, Angel of Death online again and more!

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Episode 230 - King Con with Jamie Tanner

Reviews: Stumptown #1, Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #1, Lobo: Highway to Hell #1

Jimmy attended King Con in Brooklyn over the weekend and chatted with Jamie Tanner about his Kickstarter project. Joe reveals the surprise he had planned much to Jimmy's chagrin as he can't attend. Jimmy's lack of sleep continues as he bought the new GTA IV extension pack called Episodes From Liberty City. Joe tries to keep his rambling on track to no avail. News includes a Pride & Prejudice & Zombies prequel, comics are good for kids, library workers fired for hiding comic, animated Halo, Milestone comics are back, Professor Bendis and more!

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Episode 229 - BSG Spectacular with Luciana Carro, Aaron Douglas & Michael Hogan! Plus, a Ben Templesmith Drive-By!

Reviews: Casper and the Spectrals #1, World's Finest #1, Jennifer Love Hewitt's Music Box #1

It's a Battlestar Galactica spectacular as Jimmy chatted with Luciana Carro ("Kat"), Aaron Douglas ("Chief") and Michael Hogan ("Tigh") at the recent Big Apple Comic-Con. He also had a quick chat with Ben Templesmith over drinks last week in which Ben dropped an exclusive! News includes convention craziness about SDCC, Angouleme, and Heroes, Marvel on iPhones, Liefeld & McFarlane together again, Heroes kills off major character, Tennant's last Doctor Who episodes, a yankee-fied Being Human and more!

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Episode 228 - Happy Halloween with Emily Hagins (Pathogen) and Aaron Marshall (Zombie Girl)

Reviews: Justice League of America #38, Angel Vs. Frankenstein

Young filmmaker Emily Hagins joins us to discuss her film Pathogen. She wrote/directed it when she was 11. Now 17 (as of today..HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!), she is working on new films and continuing to grow as a filmmaker. Aaron Marshall joins us as well to discuss the documentary, Zombie Girl, that he did following Emily around in her feature film directorial debut of Pathogen. The boys talk about the recent Doomsday Film Fest. And, uh-oh...Tony Lee and Ben Templesmith are in town so Jimmy is off to join them later. Expect stories next week! News includes 30 Days of Night sequel, Nick buys the Turtles, Newsarama sold, Deadpool Corps., Dollhouse delayed, Iowa hates zombies, etc.

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