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Episode 163 - All Hallow's Quickie

Reviews: Thor: The Truth of History #1, Cyblade #1, G.I. JOE #0

It's a quickie Halloween special because Joe and Jimmy are too busy getting in their "Zombie Thelma & Louise" costumes. Jimmy gets a stalker and Joe buys tons of candy from the bottom shelf for the kiddies. News includes an MMORPG murder, Zoe Bell, Dad gets in trouble for promoting daughter's manga, Kirk/Sulu war, a manga sommelier and more. And, with Christmas decorations coming out earlier every year, we have a special song about Halloween costumes.

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Episode 162 - A Brea Tease!

Reviews: Heresy #1, Mercy Sparx #1, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen Special #1 

Jimmy recovers from his 10 days of work while Joe ("Bottom Shelf") is hanging with The Electric Company. Discussions of an Apple non-genius, PR mishaps, Twitter quitters and some talk of eating nuts and drinking Bawls (Not what you think...or is it?). News includes DC's Manhunter, Spike TV Scream Awards, real life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (kind of), Umbrella Academy and more. And, we almost get a surprise interview with Brea Grant ("Daphne" the speedster on Heroes). Not really a surprise, but well....just listen to find out!
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Episode 161 - No Frills!

Reviews: Ferryman #1, Marvel Zombies #1, Crossed #1 

Late recording and we're tired, so it's a "no frills" episode of CNI.  Jimmy's in another comic! This one is Big Hero 6 #2 so go get your copy! News includes an accurate Archaia Press Studios report, Captain America in Incredible Hulk, Molly Crabapple's "Debate Night", Steampunk in Brooklyn, Cheadle replaces Howard in Iron Man 2, Fangoria Graphix, Animated Avengers and more. Also, some New York Comic-Con news since it's coming up in February. Yes, we got some good stuff planned. Stay tuned on that!
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Episode 160 - SPX Recap

Reviews: Terror Titans #1, Top 10: Season 2 #1, City of Dust #1 

Jimmy got his indie on at SPX this weekend and entered the world of mini-comics and self-publishing. Oh, what a wonderful world. No interviews but a great recap of the show (including Ignatz Awards) and fun hanging with Heidi MacDonald, Ben McCool, Danielle Corsetto, Katie Benson, Phil Jackson, Nikki Cook, Laura Hudson and Jah Furry. News includes Opus ending, more Wizard shake-ups, 300 sequel, more zombies from Romero, Fringe, Kung Fu Panda sequel, saving Superman's crib, Wonder Woman fashion and Leave it to Dick!

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Episode 159 - NY Anime Fest

Reviews: Flash Gordon #1, Back to Brooklyn #1, The Dead: Kingdom of Flies #1 

Recaps of the New York Anime Fest/Far East to East Showcase. Well, not so much the Anime Fest. Jimmy attended both and is now in love with Japanese rock. Also, he gives a little recap of the meetup with Natali Del Conte and Amber Macarthur.  News includes Branagh on Thor?, Pope's DKNY clothing line release, Harvey Awards, DC cancels Minx line, Watchmen, Addams Family musical, and a comic explaining sex to 6 year olds. That's right. Feedback, Top 3 and plugs galore.
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