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Episode 146 - Heroes Con Recap: Francavilla, Remender, Buxton, Heron & Wertz

Reviews: Pilot Season: Genius #1, Kill All Parents #1, Sparks #1

Heroes Con has come and gone and Jimmy had a blast! Well, what he remembers. And he remembers a lot as he gives a play by play/day by day recap. It's a lengthy one folks, so hang in there. Hear! Drunken tales of debauchery. Hear! Stripper Nerd tales Part 2! Hear! Oh yeah...stuff about comics! Many an interview was had, so we are splitting them up over a couple of episodes. You'll hear Rick Remender, Julia Wertz, Francesco Francavilla, Joel Buxton and Shane Heron.

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Episode 145 - Shelton Drum

Reviews: Red Mass For Mars #1, Skaar: Son of Hulk #1, Chuck #1

Heroes Con is on the way so we get founder Shelton Drum to come on and talk all about it. He gives some history and lists some of the big guests for this year! Jimmy joins Twitter and talks about his love for the new Lego Indy game. They both saw The Incredible Hulk and give their mini-reviews. The post Nathan Fillion interview aftermath is addressed and we talk about fan etiquette and responses to a couple of negative comments about it.


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CNI One-Shot!: Nathan Fillion Jimmy sat down with the hilarious, generous, and awesome Nathan Fillion for a lengthy interview covering his career from One Life to Live to Firefly to Lost and even his recent stint on Desperate Housewives. They also talk about some of his current work on it's way out and the pilot he is shooting here in NYC. They go over some proper fan etiquette, try to remember if they met back in 1994, and Nathan gives some great advice to all of you struggling actors out there. Again, many thanks to Nathan for taking the time and for just being an overall nice and gracious guy!
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Episode 144 - MOCCA - Monica Gallagher & Mike Dawson

Reviews: H.P. Lovecraft's Haunt of Horror #1, Scream Queen #1, Trinity #1

It's Hell hot here in NYC, so we're a bit delirious with heat exhaustion. Lotsa MoCCA madness from the festival this weekend. Jimmy was there Saturday and got some great interviews with Monica Gallagher and Mike Dawson. Joe went on Sunday and save the day for fellow podcasters, Indie Spinner Rack. We also hold a memorial for Zombie Jimmy in Jenny Romanchuk's webcomic, The Zombie Hunters.

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Episode 143 - Kevin Conn & Kelley Lynn

Reviews: Wulf & Batsy #1, Final Crisis #1, Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1

More Random Souffle with Kevin Conn and Kelley Lynn! Kelley goes all girly and reviews Sex and the City...kind of. Hey, it's nerdy in a way! Jimmy shares his Nathan Fillion run in, we find a recording of a great Alan Moore/Dan Didio adventure and play an episode of crazy southern cook Paula Dean cooking for Superman and Batman!

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