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Episode 125

Jack Staff Special #1, Afterburn #1, New World Order #1, Young Avengers Presents Patriot #1
Plus a female in the studio!  Daina Schatz joins us for hilarity and hugs.  Be sure to listen for our big contest!  Big prizes!

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Episode 124 Reviews
76 #1, Cemetery Blues #1, Stranded #1, Cloverfield

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Episode 123 Reviews
The Foundation #1, The Amazing Spider-Man #546, Hulk #1, Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter #0, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Hear Jimmy's tale of the passport photo, drinking with Dean Venture and our round up of the "kind of" Golden Globes.
We also discuss the Wonder Woman Playboy cover "controversy", what's happening with some of the superhero films, and wish The Smurfs a big happy 50th Smurfday! Smurf off!
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Episode 122 - Best of 2007 Reviews
Gravel #0, The Misadventures of Clark and Jefferson #1, The End League #1, Shark Man #1

It's our "Best of 2007" show! Raph joins us in studio to share in our best picks of the year. We give Heidi MacDonald of The Beat a call and get her opinions as well. And we meticulously go through our "Best of..." list and break it all down for you. Special thanks to Iz for the voice over work!

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CNI One Shot - Lost Another CNI One Shot!  A special LOST podcast with actors Michael Emerson (Ben Linus), Carrie Preston (Emily Linus) and fellow podcaster Jay from The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack.
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Episode 121 - Matt Anderson Reviews
Pax Romana #1, Redball 6 #1, Snaked #1, Hulk/Fin Fang Foom one-shot

Jimmy's hungover. Joe is not. Hear tales of debauchery! Jay (The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack) and Colleen (The Metrobuzz Podcast), the First Couple of Podcasting, join us in studio for all of the madness.  And, Matt Anderson (White Picket Fences) gets a call from us to discuss the recent mini-series and upcoming digest.

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