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A special One Shot! with the full Podcasting Panel from the Bristol Comic Expo.  Podcasters included Dan from the Sidekick Cast, Stacey from Small Press Big Mouth, Dave from Waiting for the Trade, Steve from Comic Book Outsiders and our very own Jimmy Aquino from Comic News Insider.  The lovely and talented Emma Vieceli moderated.
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A special One Shot! to cover all the interviews that Jimmy brought us from the Bristol Comic Expo.  Lynsey Hutchinson, Emma Vieceli, Harry Markos and John Higgins join us.  Coming up next is the Bristol Comics Podcasters Panel.
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Age of Heroes #1, Avengers Volume 4 #1, Legion of Super-Heroes Volume 6 #1, Rescue One Shot, Zatanna #1

Jimmy is running on no sleep but is still having a blast visiting everyone across the pond! With a recap of events at the Bristol Comic Expo, Jimmy brings us interviews with Stacey Whittle (Small Press Big Mouth), Leigh Gallagher, Tony Lee & Dan Boultwood. Plus a random run in with Richard Starkings in Wales. News includes: Dynamite acquires Chaos!Comics, Smallville calls it quits, GoGo's brings us Robotika, Alternate Fringe comics and much more! Special episodes coming up including more interviews from Bristol and the Comics Podcasters Panel.
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Astonishing X-Men Xenogenesis #1, Batman Return Of Bruce Wayne #1, Bram Stokers Death Ship #1, Frenemy Of The State #1, Justice League Generation Lost #1, Sword #24

It's Part 2 of our Michael Emerson ("Ben Linus" on Lost) interview as he discusses more Lost stuff, characters, acting tips, what's next and more. Jimmy is leaving soon for the UK to cover the Bristol Comic Expo and MCM Expo and can't wait to get his Anglo on! News includes: Jeff Lemire on Superboy, Heroes & Flash Forward cancelled while V and Chuck are renewed, new sci-fi TV shows from BBC America and Fox, SyFy games, Mark Hamill to direct Black Pearl and much more!

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Episode 258 - Michael Emerson Returns! (Part 1)

Reviews: Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine #1, Brightest Day #1, Hellboy In Mexico Or A Drunken Blur One Shot, I Zombie #1, Stealth Pilot Season #1, Superman War Of The Supermen #1, Iron Man 2

Michael Emerson ("Ben Linus" on Lost) returns to discuss the final season of the hit ABC series. We talked for over an hour with him so we split it up into 2 parts. Tune in next week for Part 2! News includes Frank Frazetta (RIP), X-men: First Class gets a writer and director, more superhero porn parody, design the NYAF mascot, The Little Endless return, Men in Black 3 is happening, Molly Crabapple's new webcomic, The Puppet Makers debuts and much more!

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Episode 257 - Reviews Galore!

Reviews: Crossed: Family Values #1, DV8: Gods and Monsters #1, Firestar One-Shot, Garrison #1, The Magdalena #1, Sif One-Shot, Ultimate Avengers 2 #1

We hope you enjoyed last week's Versus! episode featuring Kick-Ass! It's Star Wars Day and Joe's back from his secret spy mission in South America! Jimmy has a Free Comic Book Day observation that may prove controversial. News includes: Batman live touring show, Archie's gay friend, South Park gets censored, Cartoon Network to debut Young Justice and Mad Magazine shows, Zuda drops competitions, Make-A-Wish helps a kid be a hero, Spider-Man catches a thief, and more!

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