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Episode 188 - CNI One Shot! A farewell to Battlestar Galactica We say good-bye to one of our favorite shows, Battlestar Galactica. The series finale of the re-imagined series aired last Friday so we gather a round table of friends to mourn, remember and celebrate. Fellow fans Abby Marcus and Qui Nguyen are in studio with us, and Kim Lay joins us via Skype. We discuss our thoughts on the finale, favorite characters, the writing staff, music, the impact of the series, and so much more. Tune in to agree and/or disagree, but mostly to share in the love for one of the greatest TV shows ever, Battlestar Galactica. SO SAY WE ALL!!!
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Episode 187 - Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead) Pt.1

Reviews: Groom Lake #1, Rawbone #1, The Black Coat & Athena Voltaire One-Shot

After many, many months of re-scheduling, artist Charlie Adlard joins us from across the pond! We discuss his zombie-licious work on the hit series The Walking Dead as well as his many other works. Also, Charlie Adlard: Rock Star? Who knew? Make sure you tune in next week for part 2 of the interview. And, the boys are joined in studio by Abby Marcus and Qui Nguyen from The Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company. News includes a Thai Spider-Man firefighter, Doom returns to recording, Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth, the artistic side of Wolverine, Dora exploring tween years and more.
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Episode 186 - CNI Versus!: Deathnote We've talked about it for over a year and it's finally here. It's our special VERSUS! show. A round table discussion where we take a comic book and explore the other mediums that the story is represented in. In this very first episode, it's Death Note vs. Death Note vs. Death Note. We cover it all from the original hit manga to the animated series to the live action films. Joe moderates the round table consisting of Jimmy, in studio guests Mike Cho and Carrie Tucker (I Love Geeks author), and Richard McAuliffe (calling in from Wales). Join us as we break down each medium in 15 minute increments and end with a compare/contrast of each. Which did we like best? And what would we do if we had our very own Death Note? Tune in to find out! VERSUS! is a new monthly show that we will be doing in addition to the regular weekly episodes of Comic News Insider. As with our special One-Shot! episodes, these will be numbered and part of the offical CNI canon.
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Episode 185 - St. Paddy's Day Special (Not Really)

Reviews: The Life and Times of Savior 28 #1, Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1, After Watchmen: What's Next? Saga of the Swamp Thing #21

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Hulk, Green Lantern, Green Arrow...and...well, you get the idea. Mike Cho joins us in studio as we discuss the new Sci Fi Channel name (WHY?!!!), BSG at the UN, SDCC 4 day passes sold out, Iron Man 2 and more. No interview this week, but a great tease for our new show called VERSUS! Our first one will be released this Saturday and it's Death Note vs. Death Note vs. Death Note. Covering the manga, anime and live action film. It's a new monthly (possibly) show we'll be releasing in the same vein as the CNI: One-Shot!'s. Tune in this Saturday for Comic News Insider: Episode 186 - VERSUS!
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Episode 184 - Watchmen

Reviews: Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1, Killer of Demons #1, MILF Magnet #1

No interview this week as we give our oh so important opinions/reviews of Watchmen. News includes Welcome to Hoxford film, no Facebook for Batman, Pushing Daisies, Final Crisis hardcover, NY Graphic Book lists, DFC getting cancelled and more.
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Episode 183 - Molly Crabapple

Reviews: Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery One-Shot, G.I. Joe: Origins #1, Whatmen?! One-Shot

It's our last interview from New York Comic-Con with Molly Crabapple. Molly was so gracious to sit at our booth all 3 days for a signing. Great news about her upcoming first graphic novel, Scarlett Takes Manhattan. News includes the Spider-Man musical, Smallville, Family Guy/Star Trek mash-up, Family Circus at IDW, Krypto-Nate, and a kid who plays Call of Duty with a conscious. 

Great feedback from Carrie Tucker (I Love Geeks) and Joss Whedon himself!
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