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Episdode 47- SDCC Wrap up, Rosario Dawson, Blair Butler Our big 2006 San Diego Comic Con wrap up show.  We share our thoughts and stories of this years con.  And just to keep things exciting, we also have 2 great interviews for you!  First up is Rosario Dawson, and second is Blair Butler. 
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Joe is in the studio and Jimmy joins us on the phone from San Diego!  Already headed out early, Jimmy gives us an early report before the big Comic Con begins.  As always, plenty of good news to share including an exclusive bit of info about an unannounced signing at the show! 
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Episode 45 - Bryan Fuller

Review of Franklin Richard Son of a Genius Summer Spectacular.  Interview #1 is with Ben, the nephew of Paul Pope!  Ben tells us a bit about his favorite comics.  Interview #2 is with Bryan Fuller, producer of the upcoming SciFi animated Amazing Screw on Head (based on the comic by Mike Mignola).  Bryan is also a consulting producer on the upcoming NBC series, Heroes. 

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Our official Superman Returns review.  Comic reviews of 52 Week 8 and Brave New World.  So much news to share:  Hulk 2, FF2, Wolverine (leaked script!), Ray Harryhausen unreleased works, Dragonlance animated feature and more. 

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