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Episode 182 - CNI One Shot! Soul Samurai

The cast and creator of the Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company's new Off Broadway production, Soul Samurai, join us for a wine induced and fun filled evening. What's Soul Samurai about?

Cooler than Kill Bill, hotter than Shaft! Soul Samurai is the story of Dewdrop and her fight through the mean streets of a post-apocalyptic Brooklyn. After avenging her lover’s murder in the heart of Coney Island, Dewdrop now must make it back home to the Lower East Side before the shoguns of Kings County find her. In a play that mixes hip-hop culture, blaxploitation, and the martial arts, this production dials it back old school with this seventies-inspired samurai story. This is one slick slice with a sharp sword and a score to settle!

How's that for an enticing description? Jimmy saw the show and loved it. Joe plans on seeing it soon. Listen to the cast talk about acting, inspirations for the show, movies, TV, comics, music, fight choreography, accidents, and more. We also give them a nerdy musical quiz to test their geek fu. Do they pass? Tune in to find out!

Meanwhile, if you're in the NYC area, book your tickets for the show. It's getting rave reviews and selling out fast. They give a special promotional code to use for $20 tickets. You save $5! For more information, visit the Vampire Cowboys Theatre site.

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Episode 181 - Greg Pak, Jimmy Aquino Earth2, Soul Samurai

Reviews: Amber Atoms #1, The Great Unknown #1, Johnny Monster #1

A few more interviews from NYCC including writer Greg Pak and listen as the universe collapses with the "other" Jimmy Aquino!  Sitting in during our recording was members of the cast and show creators for Vampire Cowboys Theatre production of Soul Samurai.  This weeks news includes big news from the world of Battlestar Galactica, the upcoming Thor feature film and an in depth discussion of the controversial "chimp comic" from the New York Post.  A healthy amount of wine made the whole show that much more enjoyable.

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Episode 180 - More NYCC with Jonathan Hickman, Tony Lee & "Alan Moore"!

Reviews: Batman #686, R.E.B.E.L.S. #1, Berserker #1

Jimmy's voice is almost back. Good thing Joe is always in top form. The boys discuss the upcoming Vampire Cowboys production of Soul Samurai and the panel that Jimmy is moderating directly after the show on Wednesday, 2/18. More NYCC interviews are sprinkled throughout the episode. Hear "Alan Moore", Jonathan Hickman, and Tony Lee! Next week will be Greg Pak, Molly Crabapple and Earth 2 Jimmy Aquino. News includes no Dollhouse comics, a U.S. No Heroics, MoCCA, superhero beatdowns on Hollywood Blvd. and more including bug sex. Yes. Bug sex.

A special discount is given from the Vampire Cowboys Theater Company for their upcoming production of Soul Samurai. Jimmy will be attending on Wednesday, 2/18 and moderating a panel with the cast directly after. Use that discount code (CNIROCKS) to attend that night!

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Episode 179 - CNI One Shot! with Michael Emerson Michael Emerson (aka Benjamin Linus) from Lost joins us once again.  We're well into season five and there is so much to discuss!  Time travel, time shifting, machines, pendulums, who's related to who and what's so important about "children"?  Always full of great hints and just like Lost, a few things are answered and a few new questions arise.

p.s. Jimmy lost his voice at NYCC, so apologies for that. Good thing Joe is there to hold it together!

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Episode 178 - NYCC09 Wrap up with Dacre Stoker, Ian Holt, Emma Vieceli, Sonia Leong & Lava Roid

Reviews: Secret Warriors #1, Soul Kiss #1, Jersey Gods #1

It's our special New York Comic-Con wrap up! And it's our longest show ever at just over 2 hours! Yikes! But, lots of NYCC fun to be heard about! Jimmy has completely lost his voice, so apologies for that. Joe managed to save his barely and takes the reigns. We give our play by play of the con and have interviews with Dacre Stoker (Great Grand nephew of Bram Stoker), Ian Holt, Emma Vieceli, Sonia Leong and new hero Lava Roid. More interviews with Molly Crabapple, Greg Pak, Jonathan Hickman, "Alan Moore" and Jimmy Aquino 2 will be played in the following week or two! The guys give their opinions on awkward fans at the booth, how we get our guests and thank our booth helpers and guests. News from NYCC includes the new Hickman/Eaglesham Fantastic Four, a new Ultimate line from Marvel, more Batman titles, Pet Avengers and so much more. Also, a zombie Pride and Prejudice, Portland superhero and Harvey Comics at MoCCA! 

A special discount is given from the Vampire Cowboys Theater Company for their upcoming production of Soul Samurai. Jimmy will be attending on Wednesday, 2/18 and moderating a panel with the cast directly after. Use that discount code to attend that night! 

AND...a tease for our special last minute interview with good friend Michael Emerson ("Ben Linus" on Lost). Look for that show to be released in a day or two.

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Episode 177 - Pre NYCC Madness with Tony Lee!

Reviews: Battlefields: Dear Billy #1, The Wind Raider #1, Final Crisis #7

Tony Lee arrives from the UK and invades the CNI studios with audience in tow. Jimmy talks the Superbowl while Joe prefers the commercials. Tony is just lost but is welcomed with a special song in his honor. It's possibly our longest show ever, but full of Tony Lee goodness. News includes a Texan Zombie scare, UK wants to ban comics, Watchmen Black Freighter DVD, a new Chicago con and more! Tony discusses his recently completed mini-series Doctor Who: The Forgotten and other works including Harker, Midnight Kiss and Robin Hood.

New York Comic-Con is around the corner and we chat about our confirmed guests and planned events in the Podcast Arena. Once again, CNI will be doing a charity raffle and this year it will benefit The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!Tickets are $1 or 6 for $5. Come buy your tickets each day and they will be good for each raffle.

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