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Episode 194 - Heidi MacDonald & Ben McCool in "Twitter Wars"

Reviews: Viking #1, American McGee's Grimm #1, Warlord of Io and Other Stories One-Shot

The Beat's own Heidi MacDonald joins us in studio along with up and coming writer Ben McCool for a lengthy and Twitteriffic show! After a tasty BBQ and many drinks, the gang sallies forth to record a show. Uh-oh. 4 chatty folks on beer and wine! Hang on! News includes Free Comic Book Day, Wolverine Nike's and easter eggs, Sin City 2, Predators reboot, Twitter wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, get a part in Smallville and more! We get into a heated discussion about Twitter and the advantages/disadvantages of it all.
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Episode 193 - Bone Dry Cap

Reviews: Beta Ray Bill: The Green of Eden One-Shot, Overlook #1, The Phantom: Generations #1

No interview due to your demand of only Jimmy and Joe talk! Or due to the fact we didn't get anyone. A little Heroes talk and Jimmy talks of his Kristin Chenoweth meet up. News includes DC/Archie superheroes, Marvel/Taco Bell loving, Pushing Daisies comics, Pope nerve pinches Spock, new GI Joe toon and a heartwarming tale of a kidney donating stormtrooper.
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Episode 192 - Nikki Cook

Reviews: The Warlord #1, Ignition City #1, Exiles Vol. 4 #1

Up and coming artist Nikki Cook joins us in studio for a super extra long episode to discuss her fill in issue on DMZ, porn comics, Tori Amos, Act-i-vate webcomics collective, and new stuff coming down the tubes. News includes Paul Pope's Battling Boy, Dollhouse, The Simpsons stamps, Pushing Daisies, new Big Apple Con owner, and Zombie puncher Woody Harrelson.
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Episode 191 - Onward Ho!

Reviews: Flash: Rebirth #1, The Destroyer #1, Irredeemable #1

We take a break from interviews this week and just bring you the Double J goodness that you love. Well, we think you love it. Hear how one of Jimmy's crushes visits a psychic...and how she is warned! And Joe discovers a new way to video...UH-OH! News includes Watchmen kills, Eisner awards, Green Lantern animated DVD, Wolverine bootleg, Planetary #27, Captain Blood, cartoon Last Supper and more. Great listener feedback about our interview with Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers.

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Episode 190 - CNI OneShot!: Live from NY it's Seth Meyers! Live from New's Comic News Insider Live! Well, not really. It's still recorded. But, joining us for a special show is Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers! Not only is he the head writer and anchor for Weekend Update on SNL, but he's also a self-professed comic book nerd. Hear stories of his comic book loves, he and fellow castmate Bill Hader's upcoming Spider-Man comic, behind the scenes of SNL, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, writing geeky sketches for Sir Ian McKellen and many other nerdtastistic tales! Enjoy our CNI Weekend Update!
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Episode 189 - Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead) Part 2

Reviews: Caped #1, The Muppet Show Comic Book #1, The Incredibles #1

It's part 2 of our interview with Charlie Adlard, the artist of The Walking Dead. More great zombie stuff and more on his rock star status. News includes more Spidey musical details, Spidey makes a boy happy in his pants, Marvel Studios writer's programs, The Couriers movie, and more. Top 3 and plugs galore. We also chatted with Saturday Night Live head writer/self proclaimed nerd Seth Meyers. Though you wont here it on this episode! Tune in on Saturday to here our special One-Shot!: Episode 190 with Seth Meyers!
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