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Episode 69 - Bryan Fuller Reviews
The Bakers Meet Jingle Belle One-shot, Dave Stewart's Walk In #1, and Criminal Macabre: Two Red Eyes.

Bryan Fuller, Co-Executive Producer/Writer of NBC's HEROES.

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Episode 68 - Stan Lee The Stan Lee Christmas Special!!!

Sponsored by Dynamic Forces!

The Spirit #1, DCU Infinite Holiday Special, Wolverine #49

Stan "The Man" Lee!!! 'Nuff Said! Excelsior!

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Episode 67 - Jonathan Hickman Reviews
New Universal #1, Spider-Man: Reign #1, Justice Society of America #1
Jonathan Hickman, creator of the hit Image comic book "The Nightly News".

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Episode 66 - Matt Fraction Reviews
Batman/The Spirit #1, Immortal Iron Fist #1 and Crossing Midnight #1

Matt Fraction, the coolest name in comics, joins us to discuss his recent works, Casanova, Punisher: War Journal and Immortal Iron Fist!

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