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Episode 256 - CNI Versus: Kick Ass!

It's another VERSUS!episode! We take a comic book that has been turned into a TV or film or animation,etc. Then we review them separately and then compare/contrast. This time around it's KICK-ASS! First the comic book by Mark Millar and John Romita JR. and then the film directed by Matthew Vaughn. David Monteith, Jon Hoche and Nick Lowe join us on the panel to discuss both!

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Episode 255 - Thor's Wrath! with Dave Monteith (Geek Syndicate) & Jon Hoche

Reviews: Brightest Day #0, Cold Space #1, Kill Shakespeare #1

David Monteith (Geek Syndicate) and good buddy Jon Hoche join us in studio for a crazy Coppola wine fueled episode. The boys talk the crazy Icelandic hurricane volcano that leaves David stuck in America. Spidey musical woes, Human Target finale, and Joe's secret spy mission are all talked. News includes lots from C2E2: new comic Tuesdays?, Dark Horse and Hammer films, Ennis pens Crossed movie, Frank Miller on Holy Terror, Casanova at ICON, Yo Gabba Gabba! at Oni, lotsa new X-men titles, what is O.M.I.T.?, X-Files/30 Days of Night crossover and more! The longer the show goes, the more we comedy gold if you hang in there!

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Episode 254 - MoCCA Recap with Monica Gallagher, Simon Gardenfors & Tory Woollcott

Reviews: The Misadventures of Clark &Jefferson: Hairy Things #1, Shield #1, Star Wars Purge: The Hidden Blade One-Shot, Turf #1

The boys went to MoCCA and broke some Canucks! MoCCA Fest was this weekend and the guys attended meeting many an indie/small press creator. Jimmy interviewed Monica Gallagher, Simon Gardenfors, and Tory Woollcott and learned a bit about their MoCCA debuts. Jimmy took many of the cartoonists out for a grand ol' NYC time and got free drinks galore. (Don't tell them it was a fluke. They think I'm the King of NYC.). News includes: Marvel leaves Diamond, Joss Whedon to direct Avengers movie, Mattel reveals SDCC exclusives, Eisner nominations announced, Star Trek live show at Kennedy Space Center, never before seen Kirby characters to see the light, Ultimate Spider-Man animated series to debut, and more!

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Episode 253 - One Shot!  Terrence Mann (Addams Family Musical)

Broadway Legend, Terrence Mann, joins us in studio to discuss his role in the just opened Broadway production of The Addams Family musical. We chat about the show, the changes made to some characters, how it was based on the original Charles Addams comic strips and more! We also talk a little bit about his part on The Dresden Files and then have a proper theater nerd out about his originating such Broadway roles as "Rum Tug Tugger" in Cats, "Javert" in Les Miserables and "The Beast" in Beauty and the Beast.

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Episode 252 - Wondercon Report with Maria Bernal-Silva

Reviews: Blackest Night #8, Cloak and Dagger Vol. 4 #1, God of War #1, Terminator Vol. 4 #1, Clash of the Titans film.

The boys chat about their interview with Broadway legend, Terrence Mann, though you wont hear said interview until the next day or two. Joe saw the new Doctor Who and Jimmy talks about the gangs of Easter here in NYC. Our west coast reporter, Maria Bernal-Silva, joins us to discuss some of the stuff she covered at Wonder Con in San Francisco. You'll hear a few interviews she got with artist Alex Pardee, trademark/copyright lawyer Michael Lovitz and IDW's PR/Marketing manager AnnaMaria White!News includes: Neal Adams back on Batman, new Lucas sanctioned Star Wars comedy animated series, Greg Ruck leaving DC, no more All-Star Batman & Robin, Frankie Stein, more Barry Ween from Judd Winick, Elephantmen gets optioned, JAM, a roller derby anthology comic and more!

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