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Episode 129 - Chumble Spuzz

Reviews: Cable/Deadpool #50, Lock & Key #1, Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter #1.

Creator Ethan Nicolle of the hilariously funny Chumble Spuzz from SLG joins us to discuss this project and some new stuff in development.  Also, Blair Butler returns for another episode to talk comics, TV, movies and more! 

A long episode, but chock full of satanic pigs, blood sucking chickens and some talk about comics.

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Episode 128 Reviews
Astro City The Dark Age Special #2: Beautie, Gutwrencher #1, Tiny Titans #1, X-Force Vol. 3 #1

Another Random Souffler, Devin Sanchez, joins us in studio for a "Converting to Comicdom" segment. Also, author Carrie Tucker (I Love Geeks), pipes in with a quick call for more nerd stories! Jimmy shares his stripper wedding story and rants about air kisses. News includes the return of Flash Gordon, Jason's new NY Times strip, Star Trek delay, Spidey shops at Pottery Barn and Superman the Baller. Great listener feedback featuring a snippet of the classic GI JOE movie song. And, the Top 3 includes a bit of George Takei and he's not just under the table. He's in your ears!
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Episode 127 - Bryan Fuller Part2

Hear us discuss our "appearance" in the recent All New Atom #20 (Thanks, Norton!), Grammy goodness, writer's strike and more!

Reviews of Abe Sapien: The Drowning #1, Space Doubles #1, Speed Racer: Chronicles of The Racer #1, Ubu Bubu #1.

Part 2 of our interview with Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) and lotsa great feedback. Including some from Mr. Fuller himself! And Jimmy mea culpa's after getting berated by a favorite listener. And, we announce a new girls guide to geekdom that is being written and how the author wants some nerd stories! Send 'em in!  

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Episode 126 - Bryan Fuller Reviews
Narcopolis #1, Spider-Man: With Great Power #1, Captain America #34, Violet Rose #1

We discuss racist Super Bowl ads, Lost season premiere, Y: The Last Man final issue and chocolate egg creams. A quickie interview with Christine Corpuz and Noshir Dalal from the cast of Save the World, the Off-Broadway play about superheroes. We announce our contest winners from last week's multi-question contest as well. News includes the writer's strike, Filipino superheroes, Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures, SDCC, NYCC, Venom flick and more.

Bryan Fuller returns to discuss his hit television creation, Pushing Daisies, the writer's strike, and other important things in the life of Fuller!

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