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Episode 218 - Ben Raab/Deric Hughes (Warehouse 13, Living in Infamy) & Larry Lieberman (Aniboom)

Reviews: Batgirl Vol. 3 #1, Days Missing #1 Archie #600

Writing partners Ben Raab and Deric Hughes (Warehouse 13, Living in Infamy) join us to discuss their involvement as part of the writing staff on the hit SyFy series Warehouse 13. Also joining us is Larry Lieberman, the Chief Marketing Officer for Aniboom, who brings us news of some great collaborations and contests with Marvel Comics and Family Guy. The guys discuss the Avatar trailer and Jimmy talks about seeing Inglorious Basterds as well as his "appearance" on The Sara Cox show on BBC Radio 1. News includes the return of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, Meth and comics, a Disney-Con, Bono claims Spidey musical "IS" gonna happen and more!
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Episode 217 - Ben Squared! From SDCC, It's Ben McCool & Ben Templesmith!

Reviews: Dominic Fortune #1, Marvels Project #1, Ultimate Avengers #1

Possibly the last of the San Diego Comic-Con coverage! OR IS IT?!!! It's all Ben, all the time as Jimmy sat down with both Ben McCCool (Choker) and Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Welcome to Hoxford, Groom Lake, Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse). Separate interviews but they both talk about their upcoming collaboration on what is sure to be a big hit, Choker. Jimmy and Joe talk about their love for the  new music video, Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?, starring Felica Day & The Guild cast. News includes Superman rights reverting again, AMC picks up The Walking Dead, MF Grimm leaves Mayhem behind, Spider-Man musical woes, Bryan Singer on BSG, Sherlock Holmes with zombies and more!
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Episode 216 - CNI One Shot! We Will Bury You with Brea Grant ("Daphne" on Heroes), Zane Grant and the CNI Chorale As everyone knows, the zombie apocalypse utopia has happened. Our zombie overlords have allowed a large part of the population to survive and continue in society. Thankfully, Comic News Insider, now Zombie News Insider, is here to stay! Good thing the zombie rulers were big fans of Brea Grant on Heroes as well! They allowed us to play the interview that Jimmy did with her and her brother Zane about their upcoming zombie comic, We Will Bury You. Brea and Zane also recorded several songs inspired by their favorite zombie films that you will hear throughout the episode. And, they ordered us to make up a few songs of our own based on their comic. Zombies love their musicals! News includes zombie vegetarians, the return of Helena Markos, and jerky humans.
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Episode 215 - Get Lost at SDCC with Michael Emerson

Reviews: Incarnate #1, Mayhem #1, The Red Circle: The Hangman One-Shot

Yet even more San Diego Comic-Con coverage! Jimmy chatted with good friend Michael Emerson about his first time at the Con and the upcoming season of Lost.  He also got a few snippets from Nestor, Carbonell, Jorge Garcia, and Josh Holloway. Friends Patrick and Salli sit in with us and join in the madness of CNI. The gang discusses the sadness of the passing of John Hughes and the douchebaggery of a so called fanboy at the recent Chicago Comic-Con. Jimmy saw G.I. Joe as well. His thoughts? Tune in! News includes Marvel's 70th birthday, the Treasury Dept. hates cartoonists, Olmos in The Green Hornet, Emma Caulfield's foray into comics, a Japanese man burning his house down over his mother throwing out Gundam toys and more!
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Episode 214 - CNI One Shot! Robot Chicken with Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Doug Goldstein, Tom Root & Matthew Senreich Yet even more San Diego Comic-Con coverage! Jimmy sat in on the round table for the Cartoon Network series, Robot Chicken. It was held with a small amount of press so Jimmy got many a question in including some Twitter questions from some of our listeners!
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Episode 213 - CNI One Shot! Angel of Death with Zoe Bell, Ed Brubaker, Doug Jones, Ted Raimi Even more San Diego Comic-Con coverage! Jimmy sat in on the round table for the hit web series, Angel of Death, starring Zoe Bell. It was held in the presidential suite at the Westin hotel with a small amount of press. Jimmy got many a question in! He also got a little one on one interview with Zoe Bell herself!
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Episode 212 - Jeremy Platt (The Violent Kind) & Rob Zombie (Halloween 2), Sefton Hill (Arkham Asylum),Stephen Frost(Iron Man 2)

Reviews: Dellec #1, Citizen Rex #1, Fearless Dawn #1

More SDCC coverage than you can shake a batarang at! Our new CNI correspondent, Maria, gets some great interviews. She chats with Jeremy Platt (The Violent Kind producer) and Rob Zombie himself stops by during the interview to drop some devilish science. Later in the show, Maria and Jimmy do a recap of what she covered at Comic-Con. She also interviewed Sefton Hill, game director of the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game and Stephen Frost, one of the production leads on the Iron Man 2 video game. News includes a Commie Superman, Futurama keeps voice actors, Captain Blood in space, Doctor Who uncut, Casper returns to comics, Superman & Wonder Woman get hitched and more!
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Episode 211 - CNI One Shot! Doctor Who/Torchwood Round Table with David Tennant, Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner & Euros Lyn That's right! More San Diego Comic-Con coverage. Jimmy sat on 2 round tables with the creative team behind Doctor Who and Torchwood. The 10th Doctor himself, David Tennant, was also in attendance to answer questions. There were about 7 other reporters asking questions, so there's some great stuff in there! Also, apologies for the sound troubles. Apparently, one or two of the reporters had their cell phones on that RANG during the interviews which caused interference. You will hear some buzzing on occasion. Couldn't be removed and no way to control. Sorry folks! But, hang in there for some good Doctor Who/Torchwood goodness!
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