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Episode 74 - Jim Starlin Reviews
Civil War: The Return #1, Silent War #1, Iron Man animated feature

Jim Starlin joins us to discuss his extensive career and new projects!

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Episode 73 Reviews
War of the Undead #1, The Helmet of Fate: Detective Chimp #1, Okko #1, Battlestar Galactica and Heroes!

No guest today! You asked for it! Just Joe and Jimmy chatting away!
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Episode 72 Reviews
Pirates vs. Ninjas #1, Superman/Batman vs. Aliens/Predator #1, Thunderbolts #110, Amerikan Freak #1

No guest today! Just good unadulterated reviews, news and comic fun!

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Episode 71 - 2006 Picks

Best of 2006!

Joe & Jimmy share their picks for 2006.  Blair Butler (G4TV's Attack of the Show) joins us to discuss our top picks of 2006!

Scalped #1, Outer Orbit #1, '68 one-shot

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Episode 70 - Michael Emerson returns! Reviews
Battlestar Galactica: Zarek #1, Hack/Slash: Slice Hard One-Shot, 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease #1

Michael Emerson, "Benjamin Linus" on ABC's LOST
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