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Episode 91 - Alison Bechdel Reviews
Marvel Adventures: Iron Man #1, Final Girl #1, Gutsville #1. Heroes and Lost finales.

Alison Bechdel  joins us to discuss her  long career in cartooning and her hugely successful and moving graphic novel, Fun Home.

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Episode 90 - More Blair Butler Reviews
The Ultimates 2 #13, Satan's Sodomy Baby One-Shot

Blair Butler joins us again to discuss everything from 52, Spidey 3, Heroes and upcoming convention appearances.  And, the hosts of a great new podcast, The Mandys, join us in a very lengthy and hilarious "Converting to Comicdom" segment!

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Episode 89 - Bristol Expo Report Reviews
Spider-Man 3, Countdown #51, Salvador #1, Betty & Veronica Double Digest #151

Loyal listeners Bluemeanie and Mrs. Meanie, aka Richard and Izobel MacAuliffe, join us from across the pond to give us their recap of the Bristol Comic Expo in the U.K.

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Episode 88 - Darick Robertson Reviews of Alien Pig Farm 3000, Ward of the State and World War Hulk Prologue.  Interview with artist Darick Robertson who discusses his work on The Boys, Transmetropolitan and much more!
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Episode 87

Reviews of Amazons Attack! #1, Johnny Hiro #1, Hunter's Moon #1.

Peter Rios of Comic Geek Speak and loyal listener, SpanoMano, join us to recap the Pittsburgh Comic-Con.

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