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Episode 52 - Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt This week we interview voice over artists Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt.  Both are on the animated series Naruto.  Their body of work is extensive in animation and the gaming industry.  Yuri and Tara share some great information on how they started out in the world of voice over recording.
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Episode 51 - Antony Johnston

Reviews on todays episode include, Claws, Deadman and The Boys.  News on Hulk2, Transformers, FF2, Batman2 and you'll weep about a rumored return of Thundercats. We also have our last interview from SDCC '06 with writer Antony Johnston of Wasteland. 

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Episode 50 - John Cassaday, Blair Butler Our special anniversary show!  For our 50th episode, we review Wolverine Origins & the new Ultimate Avengers 2 DVD.  Lot's of news as always.  From the west coast, Blair Butler joins us to discuss some favorite titles.  In the studio with us is...John Cassaday!  John takes a moment out of his busy schedule to sit in on episode 50 and chat about work, life and Waco, Texas (don't ask, just listen).  Plenty of folks called in to congratulate us on 50 episodes as well. 
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Episode 49 - David Eick Reviews of Living in Infamy 4 (last of the series), Xena #1 and Moon Knight (1-4).  News including: Wizard World Chicago announcements and Wizard Award winners, NY Comic Con announces Stan Lee.  Another of our special SDCC interviews, we have David Eick, Executive Producer of Battlestar Galactica!
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Episode 48- Joss Whedon Another interview from SDCC '06, Joss Whedon sits down with us and shares some insight on upcoming projects.  John Cassaday chimes in to the conversation as well!  We also review the newest issues of 52 and Joe rants about Civil War.
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