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Episode 241 - Fillion's Fallout Reviews: Joe the Barbarian #1, Merc #1, Terminus Tales Presents...Platypus vs. Monkey #1 Big week in TV as the boys discuss Conan's last show and the new Syfy series Caprica. Jimmy falls in love with Betty White on the SAG awards while Joe pretends to follow the NFL playoff talk. News includes: Avatar breaks all records, Primeval returns, PS3 hacked, Kevin Smith's new Batman project, Twilight comic, new rings from DC and more! And, Nathan Fillion's hilarious phone message last week caused quite a stir on Whedonesque and Twitter so the boys discuss the reaction both good and bad.
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Episode 240 - The Best of 2009!

Reviews: Army of Two #1, Omnitarium #1, Weekly World News #1

Finally! The Best of 2009 show is here! Sorry it took so long, but we know you'll love it. We still do our regular show as well, so it's a lengthy one. The boys discuss the Golden Globes, Human Target TV show, and Jimmy saw a sneak peak of the upcoming Pushing Daisies comic!News includes Heroes 4 Haiti, Marvel vs. DC, Captain America Film, new DC weekly series based on DCU online game, new Spider-Man franchise director picked, U.S version of Torchwood and more! Calls galore come in on the hotline giving us listener best picks. Nathan Fillion himself calls to give his favorite movie though we're not sure it's of 2009. The boys go over their many categories and have a wide range of picks in comic books, TV and film!
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Episode 239 - The Tonight Show with CNI!

Reviews: Orc Stain #1, Phantom Double Shot #1 KGB Noir, Siege #1

NBC is shaking up the late night line up and CNI will now be hosting The Tonight Show! Hey, it could happen. Joe saw Saturday Night and Jimmy is a snitch for the cops. News includes a Spider-Man film reboot, Spider-Man musical back on, DC's Brightest Day, Superheroes wrap it up at the Olympics, Marvel sues for copyright, James Gunn's Super and more! Top 3 and plugs galore.
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Episode 238 - And We're Back!

Reviews: Dreamers, Ex Occultus Badge Of Langavat One-Shot, Lava-Roid #1, Neon Girl #0, Solomon Azua #1, Teddy And The Yeti #1

The boys are back after thwarting the evil plans of Benjamin Linus! New Year's Eve plans are discussed. Joe had his big bash and Jimmy woke up wearing a tutu and rollerskates surrounded by strippers. Again. Jimmy discusses much including seeing Sherlock Holmes, Sara Cox shouting him out again on BBC Radio 1, & his upcoming trip to the UK all the while Joe wonders if he'll ever shut the hell up. They lament and discuss the last David Tennant and Russel T. Davies episodes of Doctor Who. News includes Avatar box office, Bluewater goes Gaga, Captain Jack vs. Doctor Horrible, Captain Picard gets knighted, Marvel/Disney all official, and more!
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