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Reviews: Kick Ass 2 #1, Ragman Suit of Souls One Shot, Soldier Zero #1, Red (the movie) 

Our spooky Halloween epsiode...well, somewhat spooky.  The boys discuss the wonders of the live audience recording of CNI 300 and we even have some well wishes from Jimmy's little nephew.  News stories include a Bela Lugosi Tales from the Grave project, Liefeld resurrects Jesus, Chick-Fil-A does comics, QPAW & G3 return to the living and the Lava Roid trailer is online now. 


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Reviews: Digested #1, Knight & Squire #1, Star Wars Knight Errant #1, Superior #1, Tiny Titans/Little Archie #1

Another milestone for the boys, 300 Episodes!  Recorded with a huge live audience and tons of special guests who sat in with us including Kevin Maguire (JLA), Kate Beaton (Hark A Vagrant), Veronica Taylor (voice of Ash from Pokemon), Michael Emerson (Ben Linus from LOST), Molly Crabapple (Dr. Sketchy's), Heidi MacDonald (The Beat) and Ben McCool (Choker).  Jimmy has several fun skits for your listening pleasure and we even have live music with a special "unplugged" performance by H2Awesome!  A night to be remembered.

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Reviews: None this week due to massive NYCC coverage!

It's our insane NYCC coverage with interviews galore! Interviews with Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Brea Grant, Zane Grant, Kyle Strahm, Nikki Cook, Greg Pak, David Nakayama, and Monica Gallagher. Hear the boys give their recap of the show, the signings, the charity raffle, the parties, costumes, highs/lows and all sorts of nerdy goodness! No news or reviews this week since there is so much to chat about. 

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Reviews: Clint Magazine #1, Example One Shot, Image Firsts Godland #1, Wetworks Mutations #1
Let Me In

The boys are joined in studio by Emma Vieceli & "Gemma Arterton"? Jimmy gives his run down of the recent Big Apple Con and they briefly discuss a few new shows on TV including No Ordinary Family, Caprica, Human Target, etc. News includes: Zack Snyder on Superman, Bryan Fuller on The Munsters, San Diego Comic-Con stays, old comic book readers, Black Dynamite on Adult Swim, Wonder Woman returns to TV, Stan Lee is looking for a Stripper....ella and more! Emma give us news on some of her new projects and joins us throughout the show for the madness!

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