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Episode 120 - Stephen Lindsey Reviews
The Long Count #1, The Incredible Hulk (Herc) #112, Doctor Who Classics #1

CNI recovers from holiday cheer to bring you this classic Christmas special. A carol is sung, reviews are done, news is covered. Stephen Lindsay (Jesus Hates Zombies) joins us to discuss his great anthology. Jesus, zombies, Xmas? It all goes together!
And...It's A Wonderful Podcast!

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Episode 119 - Sinestro Corps Recap Reviews
Ultimate Iron Man II #1, Bat Lash #1, Hybrid Bastards #1

Kevin Conn joins us in studio to discuss the recent big Green Lantern storyline. The Fresh Prince of Dead Air makes an appearance as well recapping I AM LEGEND. And...Alan "Happy" Moore joins us by phone to read us his new Christmas story. News, Top 3, speaker balls, Liefeld man-boobs and Zuzu's petals!

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Episode 118 - Anime Fest 2007 Episode 118: Original Airdate: December 11th, 2007
Jimmy's Post-Birthday Brief!

Sponsored by Dynamic Forces!

The Ultimates 3: #1, Northlanders #1, Infinite Horizon #1

Lotsa Jimmy birthday talk! Hear about the festivities, guests, presents, etc. Special call ins too. And...WHERE WAS JOE?!! Jimmy talks about his podcast infidelity since he appeared on other shows this week. Mike Cho joins us in studio to recap the recent NY Anime Fest.
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Episode 117 - Faith Erin Hicks Reviews
Dan Dare #1, Archibald Saves Christmas #1, Dock Walloper #1

Christmas talk, Heroes finale, Jimmy's pre-birthday stuff and a mistaken identity in text. Lotsa news including SNAP! Faith Erin Hick joins us to discuss her recently released graphic novel, Zombies Calling, as well as killer seagulls, Halifax and bad phone connections. bargains!

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Episode 116 Reviews
Angel: After the Fall #1, Midknight #1, Scream #1

Banter, reviews, news, feedback, special messages, Top 3 and learn what a nerd hickey is!

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Episode 115 Reviews
Captain Marvel #1, Badger Bull #1, World of Warcraft #1

Because you demanded it...more banter!

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Episode 114 - Mike Norton Reviews
Fearless #1, Venus #1, Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Peformers #1

Joe's birthday special! Super-sized for his pleasure. Because you demanded it, more Joe and Jimmy banter!  Plus,  after months of trying, we finally got him. Ladies and Gentleman, CNI presents...Mike Norton. And a surprise guest as well! And a naked man!

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Episode 113 Reviews
Kyle Baker's Special Forces #1, Justice Society of America #10, X-Men: Messiah Complex #1.

The strike is on! And we got nothing. Just reviews, news, feedback and more!

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Episode 112 - 2007 Halloween Special Reviews
Marvel Zombies 2 #1, XXXombies #1, Proof #1, Neozoic #1

It's our annual Halloween special! There's no Great Pumpkin, but we got lots of other special guests. The Meanies (Iz & Rich) join us in studio from Wales along with a live audience. Blair Butler (G4TV) joins in the fun to discuss Halloween costumes, Heroes and scary movies. We also have web comic wonderkid, Jenny Romanchuk (The Zombie Hunters) on to tell us all about her zombielicious web comic!


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Episode 111 Reviews
Abyss #1, Cory Doctorow's Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now #1, Looking for Group #1, The Sword #1

We take the week off from interviewing (since they cancelled at the last minute!) and just yak about movies, comics, news and more!

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