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Episode 210 - SDCC Recap Madness with Felicia Day, Olivia Munn, Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku Jimmy's back from his epic journey to San Diego Comic-Con. Joe stayed back home with the kids. Over 5 hours of recording to release and we do it all here! No, no. But, we do play interviews with Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, The Guild) and Olivia Munn (G4TV's Attack of the Show). We also get the tail end of a roundtable discussion with Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku for Dollhouse. We do some quick news headlines from the con including Doctor Who being recognized by Guinness Book of World Records, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies graphic novel, Avengers film line up, Justice League comic line up, Marvel gets rights to Marvelman, John Cassaday to direct Dollhouse episode, Eisner highlights and more! Jimmy gives his epic recap of the show babbling on and on about interviews and drinking or both. Of course, tons of name dropping. Joe curses Jimmy for all of the editing he will have to do now, but is glad he got some good coverage.
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Episode 209 - Pre-SDCC!

Reviews: Blackest Night #1, Last Resort #1, Zeke Deadwood: Zombie Lawman Vol 1: Legally Dead

Jimmy's off in San Diego and leaves Joe back in Harlem with the kids. Again. Joe calls Jimmy as he's eating In 'N Out burgers to make sure he remembers he has a show to record. Jimmy teases many an interview that he has lined up along with some roving reporters helping out. The boys talk the new Harry Potter flick (spoilers) and the Torchwood 5 day series (no spoilers), as well as some deserved Emmy nods. News includes a new Punisher Max team, PopCult forms, Gareb Shamus heats up the con wars, Warren Ellis at SDCC, a possible new Futurama cast, a Voltron movie and more.
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Episode 208 - True Blood's Carrie Preston Returns!

Reviews: Wednesday Comics #1

Carrie Preston ("Arlene Fowler" on HBO's True Blood) returns to chat up the current season, her new on DVD indie film Lovely By Surprise and other projects. Carrie also read our weekly review and gives a non-comic book reader opinion on it. (p.s. She dug it!) Jimmy attended Molly Crabapple's book release party for her new graphic novel, Scarlett Takes Manhattan, and chats with her for a few minutes at the party. (Apologies for the sound. It was LOUD there.) News includes The Siegel/Superman court battle, San Diego Comic-Con programming (the good and bad), Ryan Reynolds goes green, new Jonah Hex graphic novel, Lobo takes Anthrax, and we play with a Dollhouse. Joe laments over his missing SDCC again, but Jimmy goes on and on about his excitement for it! He'll be out there next week and they'll record the show in their annual bi-coastal Pre-SDCC chat.
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Episode 207 - Michael Rooker & Fight Girl Battle World Big, long show (sorry!) with interviews galore and new music!

The awesome Michael Rooker joins us to discuss the upcoming NBC mini-series, Meteor. We also delve into Slither, Mallrats and some of his other work. Sure he plays a bad ass a lot but he's hilarious! Jimmy also chats with the cast/writer of Fight Girl Battle World. The Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company are remounting their hit show from last season for only 6 performances. Get your tickets now! Former guests Jon Hoche, Paco Tolson, Melissa Paladino, Bonnie Sherman and Qui Nguyen all join in to discuss the changes to the cast and fights. But where's Andrea Marie Smith?! News includes The Asian American Comic-Con, Dark Horse Presents leaves MySpace, Brian K. Vaughan leaves Lost, Top Cow's new "Pilot Season" and more!
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Episode 206 - More Heroes Con with Brian Pulido & Ken Marcus

Reviews: Actress and the Bishop #1, Gotham Sirens #1, Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia #1

More Heroes con interviews! Brian Pulido of Lady Death/Evil Ernie fame, joins us for a very interesting discussion on his old Chaos! comics and his upcoming foray into film. We also chat with Ken Marcus of the gut bustingly funny Super Human Resources, and discuss the pee-inducing hilarity of it all. The boys also discuss recent celeb deaths. Jimmy saw Transformers 2 and expected giant robots fighting, explosions and Megan Fox. Tune in to see what he got! Joe finally sees The Spirit and...well, ya gotta listen. News includes Bryan Fuller leaving Heroes again, more SDCC passes, Archie has a new chief, Watchmen director's cut in theaters, Vampirella returns, Shamus buys Toronto Con and more.
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