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Episode 56 This week we review Wetworks 1, Astonishing X-Men 17, Union Jack 1 and lots more ranting about Civil War.  We also review the premier of Heroes on NBC and the new Legion of Superheroes animated series.  We finish up with plenty of good, healthy, weekly comic news for all to enjoy.
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Episode 55 - Brian K. Vaughan

Our Brian K. Vaughan special!  Joe and Jimmy review Pride of Baghdad and we discuss the work of Brian K. Vaughan with Blair Butler.  Brian joins us for a special interview to discuss all his work and some plans for the future. 

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Episode 54 - EdBrubaker Reviews of The Lone Ranger, Cross Bronx and American Splendor.  Ed Brubaker joins us to discuss a lot of his past work and his upcoming release, Criminal. 
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Episode 53 Catching up on plenty of news and reviews including: Astonishing X-Men 16, Battlestar Galactica 1, Shazam, and Athena Voltaire.
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