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Episode 200 - The Live Recording!

Reviews: Cursed Pirate Girl #1, The Last Days of Animal Man #1, The Amazing Spider-Man: The Short Halloween One-Shot

It's our big Bicentennial and we're doing it all up! Recorded live in front of an audience at Latitude Bar & Grill here in NYC. Special guests galore including Michael Emerson ("Ben Linus" from Lost), John Cassaday, Vito Del Sante, Kevin Colden, Miss Lasko-Gross and more! We do the news and reviews and some hilarious sketches to boot. There's a musical bit, some radio theater and you have to hear Michael Emerson read movie quotes! Cassaday also gives an exclusive announcement about the final issue of Planetary! Special thanks to Heidi MacDonald from The Beat and Mike from Astro-Zombies comic shop for their kind donations of door prizes. And hey...we also did a video (probably the first and last time) of this so you can finally see our antics for yourselves!
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Episode 199 - One More to Go!

Reviews: Killapalooza #1, Herogasm #1, The Complete Dracula #1

We get it in under an hour since we're prepping for the big 200th episode on Saturday! Jimmy talks about a possible return to acting and the boys discuss Caprica, Glee, 200 plans and a possible Kevin Smith visit? News Includes a Whedon-less Buffy movie, a guilty plea to obscenity charges in the Handley manga case, Starbuck as Typhoid Mary, Archie getting married, Spider-Man married again and more!
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Episode 198 - More TCAF with Kevin Colden, Marc Ellerby & Faith Erin Hicks

Reviews: The Unknown #1, Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1, From the Ashes #1

More TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) interviews with Kevin Colden, Marc Ellerby and Faith Erin Hicks. Jimmy has a run in with famed theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, Joe sees the new Broadway revival of West Side Story and the boys check out the new Wolfram Alpha. News includes Kevin Smith back to comics, G4/Dark Horse want you as an SDCC correspondent, Captain Britain cancelled, Zombie movies, Thor casting, a New Jersey mom creates safety superheroes, what TV shows made the cut to next year and more!
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Episode 197 - TCAF Recap with Kate Beaton, Mike Dawson & Amber MacArthur Reviews: Power Girl #1, Sword of My Mouth #1, New Mutants #1

Jimmy returns from Toronto and gives his recap of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. He got a bunch of interviews that we'll be playing over the next 2 episodes. Kate Beaton (Hark! A Vagrant webcomic) and Mike Dawson (Freddie & Me) join Jimmy on the TCAF floor and he briefly chats with Amber MacArthur (Net@Night, commandN podcasts) as well. The boys also talk about the new Star Trek movie and how it made them Vulcan nerve pinch their junk. Repeatedly. News includes Jeff Katz and his new multi-media company, the Deadpool spin-off flick and a delayed Green Lantern movie.
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Episode 196 - Chris Butcher & Reviews Galore

Reviews: Sherlock Holmes #1, Mr. Universe #1, Captain America: Theater of War: A Brother In Arms One-Shot

It's a super-sized show chock full of guests and reviews! We break the 2 hour mark for the first time ever. But just barely. Sorry about that folks! But, it's all good. Chris Butcher, organizer of TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) and manager of Toronto's awesome comic shop The Beguiling, joins us to discuss the upcoming convention that Jimmy will be attending.

In studio, Mike Cho hangs with us to talk about the L: Change the World movie among other things. We sent entertainment journalist, Zena Tsarfin, to see the new Toxic Avenger Musical and she joins us via Skype to review. We also review X-Men Origins: Wolverine and get some quick tweets about it as well. Hear Jimmy's run in with Eliza Dushku and how Joe and Mike saw Kevin Smith. News includes Batman dog saving the day, Grant Morrison and the DC multiverse, Comic Shop Locator app on the iPhone, Iron Maiden sues comics and more!

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Episode 195 - VERSUS! A History of Violence In our second installment of VERSUS!, it's A History of Violence vs. A History of Violence. We cover it all from the original graphic novel by John Wagner and Vince Locke to the stunning film directed by David Cronenberg and starring Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, Ed Harris and William Hurt. The round table consists of your familiar hosts Jimmy and Joe, along with comic newbie Lenae McKee and comic journalist and The Beat's own Heidi MacDonald and up and coming comic writer Ben McCool
Join us as we break down each medium in 20+ minute increments and end with a compare/contrast of each. Which did we like best? How violent is each one? And just how much does Jimmy love Maria Bello? Tune in to find out!
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