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Episode 158 - Fall Television

Reviews: Age of Sentry #1, Greatest Hits #1, DC Universe Decisions #1 

We're recording late and it shows. Yet we still manage to run long. Thankfully, you love us so much it wont matter. Emmy talk, Star Wars: Force Unleashed has consumed Jimmy's dark side, SPX, Baltimore Con, NY Anime Fest and Part 2 of Jimmy's Kyle Piccolo episode is discussed.  News includes The Hulk 100 Project, Image Kid's Line, Toonami, Jim Lee pitching for the O's, Stephen Chow in Green Hornet and more! Feedback, Top 3 and plugs galore.
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Episode 157 - Notorious MSG

Reviews: Big Hero 6 #1, Deadpool #1, Magneto: Last Testament #1 

Listen up, MuthaSuckas! The Notorious MSG is in the house! Well, they were in the Chinese restaurant that Jimmy went to meet them for an interview.  These funny and talented guys have music that will tear your rectum inside out. (Their words). Also, Jimmy is a podcast whore as he appears on MetroBuzz for a trivia contest and in the latest episode of Kyle Piccolo: Comic Shop Therapist. What's Joe been doing? Tune in to find out! News includes Archie Comics, Marvel Digital comics, Iron Man 2, Evil Dead: The Musical in 3-D, Shatner's comics, Family Guy, The Simpsons and more!
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Episode 156 - Kyle Piccolo!

Reviews: Marvel Apes #1, Spooks: Omega Team #1, The Roberts #1 

Eric Zuckerman aka "Kyle Piccolo" joins us in studio to talk about the show and the upcoming episode(s) with your very own Jimmy Aquino! He sits in for Jimmy's disastrous attempt at drinking the  Budweiser/Clamato fusion in a can, Super Show highlights, VMA talk, and more. News includes the All-Star Batman and Robin #10 recall, Spider-Man movie news, Superhero tap and Marvel Noir. Joe's favorite commenter leaves us another great message about enhancement as well!
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Episode 155 - Dragon Con Report with Kim Lay

Reviews: Monster Pile-Up #1, Runaways #1, DC Universe: Last Will and Testament #1 

Good friend Kim Lay joins us to give a recap of her weekend at Dragon Con in Hotlanta. BSG, Dr. Horrible, Harry Potter and costumes galore! Jimmy ponders what real Civil War soldiers would think of re-enactments, Joe thinks we should re-enact Marvel's Civil War, Google Chrome, James Jean, Lego Batman, Voltron and Manga Madness in Japan are discussed as well.

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