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Episode 228 - Happy Halloween with Emily Hagins (Pathogen) and Aaron Marshall (Zombie Girl)

Reviews: Justice League of America #38, Angel Vs. Frankenstein

Young filmmaker Emily Hagins joins us to discuss her film Pathogen. She wrote/directed it when she was 11. Now 17 (as of today..HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!), she is working on new films and continuing to grow as a filmmaker. Aaron Marshall joins us as well to discuss the documentary, Zombie Girl, that he did following Emily around in her feature film directorial debut of Pathogen. The boys talk about the recent Doomsday Film Fest. And, uh-oh...Tony Lee and Ben Templesmith are in town so Jimmy is off to join them later. Expect stories next week! News includes 30 Days of Night sequel, Nick buys the Turtles, Newsarama sold, Deadpool Corps., Dollhouse delayed, Iowa hates zombies, etc.

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Episode 227 - Big Apple Con with Melody Anderson, Erin Gray, and Miracle Laurie

Reviews: Beyond the Wall #1, Anchor #1, Blackbeard: Legend of the Pyrate King #1, Where the Wild Things Are

Alison Rosen joins us via Skype to recap her time at the Big Apple Con with Jimmy. We did a little video for you as well. Check it out below. Joe also attended the show and chatted with many comic folks. Jimmy interviewed many folks and you'll hear him with Melody Anderson (Flash Gordon), Erin Gray (Buck Rogers) and Miracle Laurie (Dollhouse). He also talked to Battlestar stars Michael Hogan ("Col. Tigh"), Aaron Douglas ("Chief Tyrol) and Luciana Carro ("Kat") which you'll hear in a couple of weeks. News includes the Comic-Con wars, Favreau not on Avengers film, Calvin & Hobbes at MoCCA, JSA on Smallville, MarvelFest 09, Tara McPherson at Dr. Sketchy's and more.
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Episode 226 - Kevin Conn Baltimore Con Recap

Reviews: Haunt #1, X-Babies #1, Planetary #27

Kevin Conn (a.k.a. Lava-Roid) attended the Baltimore Comic-Con and joins us in studio to give his recap. Jimmy gives a lesson on the ethics of contacting someone famous via their friend and Joe tells us of the wedding he attended over the weekend. No, not his own. News includes Battlestar Galactica: The Plan update, SDCC preview night sold out, Bellydance/Comic convention, Gravel, Singer back to X-Men, Marge Simpson in Playboy, Diamond retailer summit highlights and more!
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Episode 225 - Doomsday Film Festival & Gay Bride of Frankenstein

Reviews: Astro City: Astra Special #1, Die Hard: Year One #1, sky Pirates of Neo Terra #1, Zombieland

Doomsday Film Festival directors Andrew Miller and Kristana Textor join Joe in studio to discuss the upcoming horror fest. Meanwhile, Jimmy has drinks and chats with Dana Aber, Ashley Kate Adams and Jeremiah James from the cast of The Gay Bride of Frankenstein. Jimmy talks of his deadly plague and new niece Chloe! News includes The Guild comic book, new Doctor Who logo, Transformers 3, a dark Mickey Mouse, Archie gets Betty too (told ya) and more!
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